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No description

J Kostenbader

on 14 March 2016

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Transcript of Snowflakes

by John Tristano 502
What are snowflakes?
what does snow look like?
Snow is not white it is actually colorless. Once snow appeared pink!Every snowflake has its own geometric shape made up of 5 points.This is what snow looks like
Fun Facts
Did you know all the amazing facts about snowflakes? One fact is 80% of earths freashwater is freezed into ice and snow. Another fact is the most snow that has fell in the United States is 75.8 inches. My last fact is it is a myth that snow looks similar.

Snowflakes are a form of precipatation.Some people think it is frozen raindrops but this is called sleet. Snowflakes form when freezing rain falls on pollen or dust particals creating an ice crystal.
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