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Effective Stewardship - Advanced Skills

No description

Saint Thomas

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Effective Stewardship - Advanced Skills

Open Discussion: Effective Stewardship
with Today's Complex Donors

2013 AHP Institute on Healthcare Philanthropy
Monday, July 15, 3:30-4:30 PM
Advanced Skills for Major Gifts
J. Greg Pope, FAHP, CFRE

A shared and renewed definition for stewardship
Emerging trends in donor recognition - both tangible and
The role of health system executives, physicians, and volunteers in the Stewardship process
The short term and long term value of consistent
stewardship practice
The work of incorporating Stewardship into
the life of a development staff and greater institution
Session Objectives
Transparency is important
You are a friend… but not “their new best friend”– understand
your role in their life
We are facilitators
Consider their faith tradition(s)
Respect their wishes (“Don’t spend money on me!”)
Reinterpret such wishes from time to time
Flowers (I like Mr. and Mrs. Goble’s Farm)
Care for the donor
Provide stewardship of the gift
Spirit and Nature of Gift Intent
Specific Restrictions
Proper documentation (written instructions)

Provide stewardship of the donor
Neglect is abuse!
Extends to their family
Often the most rewarding and/or difficult portion of our work
Our Responsibility as Officers
Do you know who I am?

Did you get my gift?

Is my gift being used for the reason I gave it?

Assurance – Will you still love me when I’m too feeble to show up or send a gift? (Do I matter to you?)
Donor’s 4 Basic Questions
Development staff
Medical staff
Rule of seven thank you’s
It’s Everyone’s Job!
It all begins with the gift!
Donor focused
Acknowledgement Driven
Care and Feeding Sensitive
Assurance Based
“Keeper of the hall”
“Stewardship is the process whereby an institution cares for and protects its philanthropic support –
its gifts and those who give them – in a way that both responds to the donor’s expectations and resects the act of giving.”

-Tracy Savage, CASE Handbook
of Institutional Advancement
Strategically develop and maintain long-term relationships between influential community leaders and the mission of your organization.

To tell donor how their involvement has and will forever make a difference in the lives of the people we are called to serve.
Stewardship’s Goals
Donor relations
What is Donor Stewardship?
Our donors are entitled to the good giving experience,
and it is our job to provide it to them.
Letters (thank you, info, love notes)
Plaques (spelling counts)
Annual Reports (web or print)
Cultivation Tours (let them lead!)
Special Occasions (birthday, anniversary of first gift, wedding,
volunteer recognitions)
Involvement (participation in seeking others to who need our love and care)
Ways to say “we love you”
Board policy
Donor intent
Record keeping
Stewardship plan/tracking
Key Elements
Institutional Mission
Appreciation & Acceptance
Sequential and Seamless
Most donors want to see two things:
1) IMPACT and 2) Our endearing gratitude
Anonymous Donations
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