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The Testing Do

No description

Michael Oceguera

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of The Testing Do

I can relate to this book when Cia is scared about if she had passed or not. This happened to me in fifth grade, but I ended up with an A, just like in the book. It says in the text" For the first time in my life I did nothing but focus". It said it on page 297. This shows that she is legit trying her hardest and hoping to do well.
Author Background
Joelle Charbonneau started telling stories as an opera singer,but now finds herself telling them in the form of writing. She lives near Chicago with her husband and son, and if she's not writing, she's working as an acting coach. She is also the author of the two sequels to this book, which are
Independent Study
Graduation Day
I personally liked this book because of the amount of suspense. It makes it interesting when random stuff happens, and makes you want to keep reading. One of the parts I liked was when they got called up, because then they knew something was up. I give it a 9 out of 10.
Book by: Joelle Charbonneau
Report by: Michael Oceguera
5 Main Events
The theme of the book is not to worry on how you did on something, but to focus on what you are doing right now. Many of the candidates don't do that, which is probably why they didn't pass. Cia did, and she passed. It says in the text" Just dreams of home and a sense of peace and relief that this will all end soon".This shows not to worry. It says it on page 316. It also states" Dr. Barnes tells me how proud he is and shakes my hand".This proves that she has passed. It says this on page 329.
For Watching
The Three main characters are Cia, Tomas, and Will. It takes place in the five colonies and at The Testing grounds.
The problem is that Cia can't decline it, and if she doesn't pass, serious problems will occur.
Rising Action
The rising action takes place when Cia gets called up. At first, she has no idea what the heck is happening, because she thought sh wasn't smart enough. But after that, she puts her head up and starts to focus.
The climax is when they get the break in between the test. Not seeming important, they weren't told this would happen. Everyone got worried the government was up to something
Falling Action
The falling action takes place when they are told the results. Cia ended up doing just fine, and so did Tomas and Will. She doesn't have to worry any more.
The resolution is that Cia no longer has to worry about it, since she passed. She is now going to feel better about it at university.
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