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2016 EFL Writing Conference Presentation

No description

liang chu

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of 2016 EFL Writing Conference Presentation

Telephone: 18991375212
Email Address: Echu_1981@sina.com
2001-2005 Northwestern Polytechnical University, B.A.
Exploring the Correlation between the Phraseological Pattern of Reporting Clause and Reporting Verb Functions: A Corpus-Based Study of Theses in Applied Linguistics
Research Proposal
2010-2011 Xi'an International Studies University, Master of Translation & Interpreting

2011-2012 Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Postgraduate Diploma in English Teaching
2012-2013 Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics
Exploring the Correlation between the Phraseological Pattern of Reporting Clause and Reporting Verb Functions: A Corpus-Based Study of Theses in Applied Linguistics
literature Review
Research Design
What is citation & why it is important for novice writers?
What aspects of citation does the relevant literature focus on?
What is the research gap to be revealed?
"Reference to prior research is almost a defining feature of the academic research article. Even the worst original paper integrates and represents ideas,... would be unlikely to reach the publication if it did not"
(Hyland, 2002)
a. intensifying the credibility of the writer's claim
b. displaying the writer's allegiance to the disciplinary knowledge
What are the research aims?
One is primarily concerned with different types, forms, and functions of citation across disciplines (e.g. Swale, 1996; Shaw, 1992; Thompson & Ye, 1991 ).
The other direct much attention to the citer motivations (e.g. Harwood, 2009; Petric, 2007).
Phraseological pattern of reporting clause: syntactic construction of the sentence in which a reporting verb occurs.
There is few studies concentrating on the correlation between pharseological pattern of reporting clause and reporting verb functions.
Research Gap
Reporting verb functions: Denotative & Evaluative (Thompson & Ye, 1991)
"An evaluative reporting verb implies the writer's agreeable, neutral, and disagreeable options of stance towards the reported claims"
(Hyland, 1999)
a. to explore the correlation between phraseological pattern of reporting clause & reporting verb functions
b. to provide a model pattern of most frequently used reporting syntactic structure based on the reporting verb functions.
Why phraseological pattern of reporting clause is critical for ESL/EFL novice writers?
two strands of citation studies in applied linguistics
a. EFL/ESL writers present claims either overstated or understated (e.g. Milton & Hyland, 1999; Skeltom, 1988; John, 1990; Hu et al., 1982)

b. inadequate knowledge of phraseological pattern of reporting clause and how does it correlate with the verb functions.
" Chinese-speaking writers seems to express themselves much more categorically in English than do English Ns student writers" (Milton & Hyland, 1999).
(1) it is a under-researched topic (Charles, 2006; Hyland, 2002)
(2) it helps L2 learners synthesize discourse strategies in positioning a stance conventionally accepted.

(3) it makes the reporting clause more diversified in syntactic form.
Citation Form
Seek to demonstrate the rhetorical effects of syntactic features (e.g. tense, voice, integral, non-integral) (e.g. Shaw, 1992; Swales, 1990)
Citation Functions
writer's motivation (Harwood, 2009; Petric, 2007)
fail to address how reporting form correlates with reporting verb functions.
or reporting verbs (e.g. Thompson & Ye, 1991; Hyland, 1999, 2002; Huston & Thompson, 2003; Charles, 2006)
fail to address how reporting verb functions affect the syntactic construction of reporting clause.
50 published research papers
5 well-established top journals
applied linguistics
introduction section (Thompson, 2005)
a corpus that consists of 50 Introduction Sections
Data collection
Collecting data
(1) orthodox citation form (e.g. a date in the bracket, a number in squared bracket) will be computer searched via AntConc
(2) all names in the bibliographies and third pronouns will be concordanced.
(3) those citations in which a reporting verb carries an evaluative function will be distinguished and recorded.
a sample data of reporting statements for intended analysis.
Research procedure
(1) correlation analysis on the sample data

(2) interview
(1) Human subject + V that... (e.g. Smith argues that...)
(2) Nonhuman subject + V that... (e.g. The Australia school holds that...)
(3) It + Be + V that... (e.g. It is believed that...)
Exploring the possible correlation
Jefferson (1983)


yeah might indicate a shift from recipiency to speakership.

It is


this may provide some improvement (Davis, 1994)
Extracted from sample data

2013-Present Xi'an Jiaotong University, Applied linguistics (PHD)
Chu liang
2005-present Xi'an University
The 2016 International Conference on Teaching and Researching EFL Writing
Data Analysis
Clause type (Francis, et.al, 1996):
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