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Shion Carter

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of POWER

Examples of
Historic examples
Compare & Contrast
Purpose of establishing power:
to give the person in power the satisfaction of complete control.
to be regarded as the most important.
to have no one else above you.

Fearful people want power.

Overly powerful people are mostly those who have felt little love.
Big Brother may practice totalitarianism for he is fearful of being controlled.
The Inner Party and Big Brother have not experienced affection.

With love & respect comes humility and peace.
"The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events".

The craving for power is not necessarily evil.
It is a natural feeling that humans have

Misusing power leads to corruption
Power and corruption play major roles in shaping the world of 1984, and affecting the characters' lives.
Hitler's Rise to Power
Used persuasion and violence to become Party leader.
With political intellect and deceptiveness, he raised his Nazi party up to governing power.
Published books to express his political views in an enticing manner.
As chancellor, he abolished the power of all non-Nazi parties.
Attained dictatorial power after the death of commander and military chief.
Hitler's Use of Power
Created a society where the rights of the group (Nazi) can overthrow the rights of an individual.
-Disobedience resulted in severe consequences.
Murdered Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, etc. to preserve 'Aryan race'.
The overwhelming greed for power results in corruption and total control over others.
In the real world
In 1984

- Big Brother has ultimate control over citizens of Oceania
- freedoms limited: people deprived of right to show any emotion/feeling, cannot experience love or affection, inadequate amount of food, etc.
In the real world
Totalitarian regimes are known to have used (and still use) violence and human torture
In 1984
- in the novel, torture is the main form by which the accused confess their crimes
- the Ministry of Love is devoted to this
- the physical and emotional damage done to the characters in 1984 is detrimental to their well-being
In the real world
Most totalitarians use the strength of the military to gain and keep power.

In 1984
constant rationing and scarcity to provide for wars against Eurasia and Eastasia
the military is a major investment by the government
war is practiced to bring citizens of Oceania closer together
military is a perpetual part of society
- Thought Police
- supervision of citizens, patrol
- in the Ministry of Love
In the real world
People's view of the outside world is limited.

For example: the censorship of media in North Korea
In 1984
- those living in Oceania do not know the quality of life outside of their own society
- barely any entertainment, art and culture nonexistent
- belief that life is currently better than it ever has been
Use of Violence
The annihilation of Jews during the Holocaust is one of the worst incidents in history.
Nazi's practiced exterminating the Jewish race through concentration camps, gas chambers, and "medical" experiments.
There were even mobile killing units from the German army.
Similar to the Nazi Party, the government of Oceania had their own ideas of who were criminals.
They harmed "thought criminals" for a natural occurrence in human beings.

Unlike how the Nazis killed to remove their problem, the rulers of Oceania change people to eliminate those who oppose them.
Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong Il
Kim Il Sung attained independence from Japan for North Korea.
He claimed false facts, and conducted large purges to strengthen his power by developing fear within his citizens.
Mesmerized by his actions, many began to believe he created the world, and that his son Kim Jong Il, could control the weather.
After death in 1944, he was titled "Eternal President" and Kim Jong Il took over.
Maintaining Power
Labour camps were established specifically for those who opposed Kim Il Sung's system.
- Dissidents were admitted into these camps along with their close family members.
- Those who attempted to escape were executed, or sent to a separate prison within the camps.
People are oppressed the right to food, freedom of thought, free movement and freedom from violence.
Propaganda advertizes them as Gods to be worshiped.
Military service is mandatory.
Controls education system by removing information which defied Kim Jong Il or his father.
Kim Il Sung
Kim Jong Il
Establishing Power
Explorations for trade and resources lead to discovering new territories.
Captured land across the globe causing it to be the largest empire in history.
- "The empire on which the sun never sets"
Military Force
The British Empire was expanded through the use of their navy by conquering land in various continents across the world.
seized cotton and additional soldiers for their military from India
captured people as slaves from various parts of Africa
timber from Canada
colonized in many countries

In the world of 1984, "...war hysteria is continuous and universal" (p.193) and it is considered normal for the military to induce raping, looting, the slaughter of children, the diminishing of populations to slavery, etc.
North Korea
The use of censorship is a common practice in North Korea and their citizens are disconnected from the outside world.
the government regulates education, and erase any data/information against the ruler
radios and television sets bought in North Korea are preset to only receive government frequencies
access to the internet is illegal, and citizens can only connect to the country's own internet
a case where one was arrested for singing a South Korean song

Similarly, in 1984 the government controls all media, data and statistics, etc. Information is manipulated, and the oblivious citizens have no choice but to absorb it.

Children living in Oceania are also trained by the rulers of the state to become spies (called the Youth League) to report on any suspicious activities.
"Newspeak" is a language created to "meet the ideological needs of Ingsoc, or English Socialism"(p.312).
used to further restrict the amount of expression one can show; creative vocabulary removed
new words invented
undesirable words with unorthodox meaning eliminated
plan to create future with no trace of the English language (or "Oldspeak")
Maintaining Power
The colonies supported it's empire with resources which in turn improved Britain's capabilities
-This helped strengthen their Navy, granting it the power to continuously expand their empire
The poor was criminalized
Benefits from the slave trade retained Britain's powerful status.
-Mass profits were made because slaves could be purchased cheaply and brought in unlimited numbers from Africa.
Created alliances with strong bodies to demolish competition between other countries
"I understand HOW, but do not understand WHY"
torture in the Ministry of Love and room 101
cleaning people of unorthodox thoughts
supervising daily life
-telescreens, Thought Police and the Junior League spies
encouraging participation in the Anti-Sex league
falsifying information
create a nationalistic mindset through the Two Minutes Hate
leaders of Oceania are power-hungry
the government would rather strip citizens of unorthodox thoughts to expand the population under their control, than kill them
-to maintain their higher status on the hierarchical pyramid, they discipline the lower class
The craving for power has an effect on dictators like Big Brother which results in obsession and determination to attain more. Corruption and the misuse of power triggers all of the events in this novel. This shapes citizens like Winston Smith into becoming followers of the powerful.

Shion C. & Smruthi R.
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