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No description

Kayla VandeKieft

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish

By: Kayla VandeKieft Greetings and Goodbyes Examples of Some Clothing and Body Parts! Numbers! When you see someone, you say hello (hola). You ask them how they are (como estas). The s at the end means you are familiar with them and the a at the end means you are formal with them

If there are two boys meeting each other, they say hello (hola) and do a handshake everybody knows.

When you leave you hug the person and give them a kiss on both cheeks. They have the same numbers as us,
but you say them differently

1-uno 7-sieta 13-trece
2-dos 8-ocho 14-cautorce
3-tres 9-nueve 15-quince
4-quatro 10-diez
5-cinco 11-once
6-seis 12-doce Fruits and
Veggies! Spanish sueter= sweater
zapatos= shoes
botas= boots
falda= skirt
vestido= dress
guantes= gloves
shorts= shorts! llevo= I am wearing... Greeting Expressions pelo-hair
dientes-teeth manzana-apple
lima-lime cereza-cherry
pera-pear Hola-Hello
Buenas tardes-Good Afternoon
Buenas noches-Good Night
Mucho gusto-Nice to meet you
Me llamo-My name is
Hasta Manana-See you tomorrow
Adios-Good-bye Spanish has the same
alphabet except a few extra letters A-ah i-e p-pay x- a keis
B-bay j-hota q- qu y- ee gray ga
C-cay k-ka r- air ay z-sata
ch-chay l- l ay rr- air ay (rolled r)
d-day ll-l yay s- s ay
e-a m- m ay t- tay
f-f ay n- n ay u- oo
g-hay nn- n yay v- bay
h-oche o-o w-doublabay Alphabet! Question and how to Respond 1.) Como Esta?- formal
2.) Come estas?- familiar
3.) Como te llamas?- familar
4.) Como se llama- formal 1.) Estoy... Muy Bien- Very well
2.) Estoy... Bien- well
3 & 4.) Me llamo or se llamo... Asi Asi- so so
Mal- Bad
Muy Mal- Very Bad
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