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a / an / the

Luís Freitas

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Articles

a an the * We use "a" or "an" depending on the INITIAL SOUND of a word, NOT on the initial letter, of the word that they precede. Indefinite articles a an a boy
a European a "a" should be used before all words
beginning with a consonant SOUND. "an" should be used before all words
beginning with a vowel SOUND. an an umbrella
an hour * We use a / an: a / an I found a stray dog outside my house. the Definite article
a) to talk about a person or thing for the second/third/etc. time. the b) when there is only one thing or person
(or one in a particular place). We use "the" : I found a stray dog outside my house.
The dog was filthy and hungry. The moon looks beautiful tonight. In addition, we use "the" in some fixed phrases such as: the go to the cinema / the theatre / the shops in the morning / afternoon / evening at the weekend the news Articles b) to talk about a person
or a thing for the first time. c) with superlative adjectives. You are the most important person in my life. * We don't use an article: No Article Everybody loves food.
NOT Everybody loves the food. Chile is a great country to live in. * We use the with some countries: The UK (The United Kingdom)

The USA (The United States of America)

The Czech Republic

etc. Inglês a) with jobs:
He was a journalist. b) for most cities and countries. a) to talk about people or things in general.
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