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V-Stitcher 4.96

What's new/improved/fixed/removed?

Joy Foo

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of V-Stitcher 4.96

Introducing V-Stitcher 4.96 It's smarter, simpler, faster & better Right Click, What's New? Integrated Windows Arrangement
Dock/Float 3D window Continuous Simulation 3D Look At... Simple Simulation Version 47 What's Been Improved? cache Import, Export and Share 2D Window Pan Cluster 3D Objects Installation Package Double Click Speed Texture Window Behavior More Intuitive 3D Navigation Double Click Double clicking on the Texture thumbnail in Seam/Fabric/Attachment center... Double clicking on the Texture thumbnail in Texture center... brings you to TEXTURE centre brings you to Replace Image function Integrated Windows Arrangement Docked 3D window Float or Dock?
Your choice! spacebar is all you need to manipulate the windows :) How it works Context-Sensitive, Right Click Step 1 Hold right mouse button down Step 2 Select the desired function Step 3 Release right mouse button How many varieties of right clicks can you find? New icons. New location All inputs and outputs of V-Stitcher are consolidated into ONE location. Import & Export Continuous Simulation Texture window behavior Wow! The window closes automatically when I'm out of texture center. 2D Window Pan Additional option to Pan: middle mouse button. Cluster 3D objects 3D objects in clusters having the same position used to overlap in older versions. Say good-bye to overlapping! Simulation version 47 It's faster! We're not done with it and will definitely improve with Time. Speed Try navigating the avatar during simulation. It sure feels different now :)

Going into functions during simulation? No problem! Installation package Noticed the much reduced size of the package? Install BW DB administration and V-Stitcher in just one set-up installer file. When a garment is being dressed on your avatar, clicking on Dress or any of the 3 tools below will bring you into Continuous Simulation.
*Recommendation: Best used without applying Smoothing Share your work with others in one click Share to understand Simulation Toolbar Intuitive Function access Fun! Style & Modify drapes Cache Be creative! Dock/Float 3D window Simulation Toolbar 3D Look At... Multiple angles from which to view your garment in 3D Cache service Pack We want to serve you better so there will be periodic releases of Service Packs to improve your software.

No need to un-install, just add it on. Service Packs Hint: Clicking on different areas will reveal different selections. Ever tried changing grid or fabric properties after dressing? Or correct your stitching?

Sometimes starting all over from the beginning is not what you want.

See how V-Stitcher 4.96 loads the required dressing state for you WHILE you create your garment! Grid 1.0 Smoothing: Subdivision value 1
Smoothing level 1 Grid 0.4 no smoothing
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