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Morehouse College

No description

Kendall Downer

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Morehouse College

Morehouse College
GPA Requirements
Required GPA for early applicants is a 3.5
Is a private, liberal arts school
Student Social and Academic Support
Social support available for all students
Student Body and Diversity
All-male school
Originally located in Augusta, Georgia
Founded in 1867 by William J. White and Richard C. Coulter
First name was the Augusta Institute
Moved to Atlanta in 1879 then changed its name to Atlanta Baptist College in 1897
Finally became Morehouse College in 1913
Established the Atlanta University Center(AUC) with Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University
Essay is required along with a personal statement
Total average of past freshmen class is a 3.24
SAT and ACT are required
Average SAT is 1010 and average ACT is 21
66% of 2,576 applicants admitted last year
Weighted GPA average is 3.4
Unweighted GPA average is 3.28
Ranked #126 on the National Liberal Arts Colleges list
Many special programs, such as Double Major, Honors Program, and Semester at Sea
General education, foreign language, math, and science required to graduate
Classes are challenging, but hard work and completing assignments makes it a lot easier
Offers a Bachelor of Arts(B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science(B.S.) for undergraduates
On-campus housing is available
98% freshmen and 66% of all students live on campus
Assistance is available for living on-campus and off-campus
Personal counseling available for failing students
Has a mentorship program available to all students
Has an advising program offered to students
Historically black college university (HBCU)
2,438 students
97.9% African Americans, 0.2% Hispanics, 0.2% Whites, and 1.7 % Unknown
Average age is 20
Financial Situation and Financial Support
In-state tuition and out of state tuitions are the same
Tuition for 2012-13 was $22,482
Students receive financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships
Gives loans to students in need
Interested in the field of medicine
Has a medical school for graduates
Plan on becoming a general surgeon with my doctorates degree
Also has a Business Administration and Economics
Networking Opportunities
Offers career planning and placement administration and counseling for students and alumni
Has an Alumni Association that donates money and helps students and alumni find jobs
Very well-respected school
Known for its academics more so than its partying
Notable alumni include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Howard Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Spike Lee
President Barack Obama has received doctorates of law
Offers personal counseling, health service, and other support programs
Academic Atmosphere
Students are very competitive
Students compete to be the brightest in the class
Students are very supportive
They consider fellow students to be their brothers
Students work and study very hard
A very challenging school that has brilliant students who want to be at the top of the class
Social Atmosphere
Usually known for its academic dilligence, but has a good mixture of parties and studying
Student government sponsors artists, homecoming, and other campus events
60% of students involved in Greek life
Sports, Greek life, band, ROTC, and theatre
Plan on joining the basketball team,Alpha Phi Alpha, and the student council
School Size
Student-teacher ratio is 13:1
You receive personalized attention in class
Average number of students is from 20-29
1% of classes 50 students or more
Career planning, student government, majors programs, counseling, and other resources available
Located in Atlanta, Georgia
Close to home,only 2 hours away from Columbus
$40 of gas to go and come back
School is urban, located in metropolitan area
Near many interesting places such as professional sporting events, tourist attractions, theme parks, and sophisticated downtown area
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