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How to Play Soccer

Steps to Play Soccer

Chandni Naidoo

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of How to Play Soccer

How To Play Soccer Soccer is simple
once youknow hoe to
play. Let us start with
positions. These are the positions
Stiker-The player who stands at the top who tries to score.
Midfield-the player who plays stiker and defender but on the side of the field. they play defender or striker at the right time.

Defender-the player who blocks the goal.
Goalie-the player who
Sometimes Center-Mid-the person who plays mid but in the center ( behind the stiker) Goalie- rhe player who saves the ball frm going in
the net. the only player that can use thier hand. Here are their positions
on the field. Now that you know the positions
let's move on to moving. if you recieve the ball
above the defender itis ofsides and
the other team gets a kick. now let's work on moving down the field. it looks confusing
but really the striker
passes the ball to the mid
who crosses it to the other mid.
then the mid dribbles and crosses
it to the striker or other mid and they score. So now you know
sorhgtah what to do.
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