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shabby Patel

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Foundation :

Adam Ali Tapal Established Tapal Tea at about the time of birth of Pakistan.

Small shop at Nanakwara, Jodia Bazar on order of five chests.
Repacked them at his shop and started selling them to teashops.
Smooth Take off :

Brain Work :The BIG hit
Invent of "Family Mixture"

Mixture of leaf and dust tea
And here comes the MAN :
In 1977, Aftab Tapal returned from USA and joined the Tea Business.

Has high interest in Arts and Crafts.
Centralized under
one roof
Second major blow after "Family Mixture" was "Danedar"
Customers often saying " Mujhai wo Danedar kism ke chai chahye hai"
With such a huge and phenomenal success in very short span of time around 1978, competitors started launching there granular tea and other variety products.
Camera, Rolling, Action :

Iblagh Communication ( Baseer Ashraf developed First ever Tapal TVC
"Thori se Patti Tapal Ke, Chai Banaye Kamal Ke"
in 1979.
Pack Branding
With everything perfect, yet there were two problems :
1- Customers links with Soft pack

2- Manual manufacturing of pack

Marketing Division
Around 1985, Aftab Tapal constituted a Marketing Division and hired another Advertising Agency to take advertising a step forward.

Developed Brand names and Packaging

New Brands were introduced.
Tapal Today
9 Brands and many others on drawing board.

Advertising Campaigns using all mediums.

2 to 3 Research and Advertising Agencies are working with them.

Ali Ahmed - Director Client Service @ Wahedna D'Arcy
Shazia Kazmi - Ex Creative Manager @ Adcom

"Transforming A VISION into REALITY" - Biography of
Aftab Tapal by Mujahid Hussain

Supply Chain
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