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Sarah and Evelise

No description

lib hist

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Sarah and Evelise

Sarah and Evelise
Medal Of Honor Recipients: Ronald E. Ray and Jose Rodela
Fought during the Vietnam War
Born in Codele Georgia
Rank is Lieutenant Colonel
Led a platoon
Awarded on May 14, 1970 by President Nixon
Grew up in Cordele, Georgia
Left high school and joined the army for a 3-year term of service
Served for 21 years
Ronald E. Ray
Was born in Corpus Christi,Texas on June 15th, 1937.
Rank is Master Sergeant.
His job during his medal of honor action was being the company commander in Phuoc Long Province, Vietnam.
Rodela fought in the Vietnam war.
He entered the army in September 1955 and retired in 1975, serving for 20 years.
Earned the medal of honor on March 18th, 2014 by President Barack Obama.

Jose Rodela
Different age
Ronald was awarded by Pres. Nixon
Jose was awarded by Pres. Obama
Ronald fought in La Drang Valley
Jose fought in Phuoc Long Province
Ronald is from Georgia
Jose is from Texas
Both sacrificed themselves
Both fought in the Vietnam War
Both got the Medal of honor
Both were in the army for 20 years or more
Both fought for their country
Both saved soilders on their team
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