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Football Prezi

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Dominick Martinez

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Football Prezi

THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL Alternating process NCAA After 1st allowing three attempts to advance the ball 5 yards in,1906 the distance was changed to 10 yards. In 1906 the national Collegiate Athletic Association. Fourth down had been introduced in 1912. or NCAA for short. Alternating process ALTERNATING/HISTORY Effect on American people FOOTBALLL HITS

Hits in football all have to do with Velocity,force and mass. The bigger the player is and the faster he is running, creates more amounts of force able to cause a tackle or just a big hit ( FM=A) Also Velocity of the player is a show in direction and speed of a player in motion. A football player running down field on a kick off and making contact with another player would exert more force than just hitting off the line of scrimage. FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUT FORCE! Unit Question: How does football effect health-Football effects health by setting a stage of fitness and well active style of play and can help a persons communicating skills as well as cooraperation with others. AOI: Health and social STAAR QUESTIONS The Science behind football and the history of it

KIM CHART: Health- The condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit

Injury- An act that makes your body, hurt, damaged or lack of being sustained

Origin- The point at which something begins Football is believed to have descended from the greek game know as harpaston. The game was simple and the ball was similar in the shape of a football and the rules were similar to football but not quite. If you crossed the goal line by running, throwing or off of a kick return you earned points. The defense had the same objective as it does today... STOP THE OTHER TEAM FROM SCORING!!! There were differences though, there was no specific field length or a specific number of people per team and there were no boundaries. Harpaston was discovered by England in the 1800's. This is when football was on the road to revolution. By the 1830's the goal post had been invented and used in this game (Kicking field goals). This was a big step in modern day football. The very 1st football game was played between Rutgers University and Princeton. But the game was still not the same as it is today. In 1873 Columbia, Rutgers,Princeton,and Yale universities met in New York city to form the basic rules of the game and set 15 players per team. Coach Walter Camp the head coach at Yale had a desire for a 11 man per team game and the was set at 110 yards. In 1882 Walter Camp introduced the system of downs. This new Association helped redesign the shape of footballs and a more open style of playing field. The length of the game was shortened from 70 to 60 minutes. They instituted the Quarterback and center position as an official position. They also instituted the safety positions also made a Touchdown worth six points and a field goal worth 3 points. Official Football had been born Football has had a huge effect on american people,every year annually 111.3 million people watch the Superbowl every year. People get all kinds of preppy things to see there favorite team use force and speed to make some vicious hits and a chance to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. People will travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to come and watch their favorite team play. Football is a fun game and has had a huge effect on american culture, but with such a physical game there is no such thing as INGURY FREE FOOTBALL Football is a very Physical sport and causes numerous injuries whether it is falling down wrong or not stretching properly or even not using proper tackling teqnique. With players thinking they are invincible with padded plastic on their heads, a very common injury in football is the concussion,these injuries occur when somebody tries to hit with their helmet instead of their shoulder. A con cusssion is when the human brain is banged up agianst the skull, causing the brain to swell and not function properly. Symptoms are, loss in Vision, dizzines, lack of appropriate reflexes and amnesia. This injury can lead to further damage of the brain and can cause very severe perminant effect. Past players have reported that they suffer from short term memory loss and numerous head aches. Football scientist's are working on trying to prevent this type of injury but football is a very physical sport and the only way to stay clear of a concussion is by not playing football at all There is a Linebacker running towards the kick returner on a kickoff. If he weighs 265 pounds and is running at a speed of 15 miles per hour, what is the amount of force? A. 3,975 newtons B. 4,057 joules C. 26 newtons D. 3,866 newtons

Tennesee Titans runing back Chris Johnson tried to lay out Brian Orakpo but got knocked off his feet by the impact. Which of Newtons law would this be an example of? A.1st law B.2nd law C. 3rd law D. Africa Land

If Vikings Running back Adrian Peterson and JJ Watt colided with both exerting 2,000 newtons of force what will happen? A. Adrian Peterson falls down B. JJ watt Falls down C. Nobody moves D. Wayde Phillips gets fired Concussions
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