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ARGs for building knowledge and experience

Simon Brookes, University of Portsmouth Alex Moseley, University of Leicester

Alex Moseley

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of ARGs for building knowledge and experience

ARGs for Building Knowledge and Experience Simon Brookes Alex Moseley University of Portsmouth University of Leicester EPISTEMIC FRAME The Great History Conundrum Phoenix UK Ltd U.G. Training Programme http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciana13/2076373975/ Thick authentic environment ARGs : What and Why? 20-minute Neurosurgery! How can we recreate the
epistemic frame of a
particular discipline
in "the classroom"? after Shaffer et al. Many educational computer games [computer based and traditional] only provide players with knowledge and often at a very basic level (preparation for tests!). Things one should never say at a Games Based Learning conference No. 1: Richly authentic experience
Contextual Learning
Problem solving
Collaboration / hive mind
Super engaged and motivated individuals
Media agnostic / low-tech The Scenario Delivery Assessment Leaderboard Enterprise in Context 12 weeks (one semester)
10 Credits
Level One
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise Introduction to business
Business management Simon Brookes, MD of Phoenix UK Ltd, recevies "Best New Business" award from the Porthampton Chamber of Commerce Virtual (websites)
Real (Field study) Seminars
Masterclasses Problem based
Conference calls
Posted packages Peer Assessment Tools & Methods Experts/
mentoring Motivation Competition Linked Assessment Diversity motivation? Examples Summative Company Turnaround Report Formative / continual Retail Best Practice Presentation
Short Response Questions - Email
Teamwork Peer Assessment
Professional behaiour
Proactivity http://phoenixscores.heroku.com/ "There's no greater motivation than a bit of competition! (Great idea with the leader board by the way, I know that a some of the other students have really been encouraged to work even harder to try and finish on top)" "Just a quick confirmation of receipt & to say I am really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into this project." I was just wondering if it would be possible at this stage for our group to get into contact with Mr. Salter directly. We just wanted to ask him a few more questions about the business in general so we can get a little more of an idea about the business as the whole. If we could get an email address or a telephone number that would be great, if not we'd be more than happy to direct our questions through you.

All the best,
Charlie Nicholls
Phoenix UK Ltd.
+44 7889 141074
www.phoenixuk.co.uk Kopfler
Squire ...

Whitton ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/puppydogbites/4420739415/ Some Comments The Future Student Feedback "Our moderator was excellent:
he provided really helpful pointers" "I certainly got a lot out of the forum[s] both when
I was stuck, and when I was able to help others" "I met some new people in discussing the puzzles
and it was always a good conversation starter" "What am I going to fill my evenings
with now?!" "GHC was a fundamental part of
understanding what the course was about"
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