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wonderful things

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of wonderful things

Wonderful Things
Don't judge a book by its cover.
August Pullman has a condition that makes his face look different, so people just assume that he must be mean and/or contageous.
Technology is wonderful. It gives us information at our fingertips on a small device. Also VIDEO GAMESSS!!!!!

Mrs. Jones
She is very respectful and doesn't take Roger
to jail. She also is honest about doing the same things when she was young. Since she understands the feeling of wanting something so bad, she gave Roger 10 dollars.
August Pullman
August or Auggie Pullman now in fifth grade at a real school for the first time has a lot of medical problems, even though his face looks different he is still just a normal kid nice, creative, and friendly.
Summer is wonderful because she befriended August even though Mr. Tushman didn't ask her to like he did with Charlotte, Julian, and Jack.
This book is wonderful because it helps people realize that looks don't determine how nice people are.
By: Zachary Nelson
My mom
My mom is wonderful because she never stops trying, she endures until the end and she always accepts tasks and big projects, and she will do anything for family.
Lotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom is wonderful because Don gave her hope when he gave her a wheelchair, she believed in herself and started teaching herself to walk even though the doctor said she would never be able to walk
Who doesn't like food? food is wonderful because it tastes good.
pencils are wonderful because they allow us to write things down and erase them.
Because I have a wonderful family, and amazing friends.
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