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Adult Learning Principles

No description

Kristina Hals

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Adult Learning Principles

Adult Learning Principles Key for TAC
as Learners

Direct Relavence
Human Equity
Clear role definition - allow transcendence of teacher
Openess to questioning of authority
Sensitivity to perceptions of authority

No time to waste
Other things could be doing
Life Experienced
Sensitive to Respect
Want competence recognized.
Want own challenges affirmed/respected.
Typically have specific, concrete job
Interpreting material to own applied context
Making connections (or not) to own work
Beyond Cognitive
Sensitive to surroundings
Responsive to interpersonal
Aware of entertainment value in any presentation

Seeking Mutual Accountability
How learners will know what they now know
Evaluation and evidence of change in learners
Fast and direct applications
Practice with reflection
Most high order thinking, analyzing

Common sense
May know more than you
Feel accountable to teacher
Expect mutual accountability from teacher

Meeting learners "where they are at"
Sequence - simple to challenge
Reinforcements - via multi learning styles
Learners' personal goals are shaping what they learn
Multi-sensory presentations
Power of the messenger
Enertainment value of teaching
Can be highest level of learning
Teacher to learner
Learner to learner
& Interaction
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