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The Art of Presentation by Steve Jobs

No description

Kate Dubrovskaya

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of The Art of Presentation by Steve Jobs

The Art of iPresentation by Steve Jobs
With love and inspiration from Mr Steve Jobs
Leadgrinder Team
Cogniance Inc
Kyiv, Ukraine
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Make twitter-like headings
Job's favorite number, used in most of his presentations.
Being repeated
3 times
, things look even more
Follow Shakespeare's advice
Make a story
Follow the rule of 10 minutes
Give us an antihero!

Liven your numbers

Compare (be specific)
Put it in context (important for people)
Show pictures or videos with it
What you present is not about you, not even about your product - it's all about people you're talking to.

Talk about people's dreams, not your product!
Why is it important to Me?

How can your product/service improve or change my life?

Is it really better than what I have now?
The Main Questions of your Audience:
Your Presentation =

Your Product
= Your Mission
Your heading has to be:

1. Specific

2. Easy to remember

3. Fit to be written in twitter

Most investors are not interested in your product if you cant describe it in one sentence!
Today Apple has reinvented a phone!
The world's thinnest computer!
Go iMac for simplicity!
1000 songs in your pocket!

AntiHero Ads
Make a Roadmap!
Go through the main points overall and then get back to details
Have the scenario in your head - your paper -your computer
Marketing is a theater. It's a performance on the stage.
Gregory Berns
Remember about Props
Make it tangible!
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