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Content and Language Integrated Learning

No description

Jesi Swach Perez

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning
What is CLIL?
Historical Background
CLIL Dimensions
The Four C's
Creative and Critical Thinking
What is CLIL?
An approach.
Learning subjects through a foreign language.
Authentic language.
Real contexts.
Avoids fragmentation.
Historical Background
1990s Globalisation.
Technological developements.
Virtual and physical mobility influenced teaching.
Learner autonomy.
CLIL Dimensions
The Four C's
Content: focus on substance rather than form.
Community: learning - personal and social process.
Cognition: co-operative reflection and analysis.
Communication: communicative process.
Creative and Critical Thinking
Creative thinking involves creation.
Critical thinking involves evaluation.
Self-directed thinking.
Affective filter.
Uncovering CLIL- Peeter Mehisto, David Marsh and María Jesús Frigols. Macmillan 2008
CLIL across Educational Levels- Compiled by Emma Dafouz and Michele C Guerrini. Richmond 2009.
Hacia una didáctica del Inglés para niños en escuelas primarias- Compiladora Estela Nélida Braun. EdUNLPam 2010.
Hands-on experience!
Co-operation among teachers.
Simple but content-rich input.
Jésica & Víctor
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