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This is a Prezi (in case you didn't know) on the history of Dubstep and how to make Dubstep. DubstepdubstepDUBSTEP!!!

Ethan Heitz

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of DUBSTEP

This report is on Dubstep. First of all, what is Dubstep? Dubstep is a type of electronic music made up of distorted sounds. To get these sounds, you have to do something called sampling. Sampling is where you record a sound, then distort it. Dubstep is a type of electronic music made of distorted sounds. To get these sounds, you have to do something called sampling. Sampling is where you record a sound, then distort it. How do you sample?
(Or what equipment do you use?) There are machines you can buy from music/DJ stores called sampling machines. Once a sound has been recorded, you can distort the sound by plugging the sampling machine into a electric synthesizer or (DJ) turntable. Only some sampling machines and keyboards can do this. Most DJ turntables are designed to work with sampling machines. How was Dubstep invented? http://www.baeblemusic.com/clickbait/The-Origin-of-Dubstep.html

http://www.udubstep.com/the-history-of-dubstep/ The mega-distorted bass sound is supposed to simulate monsters, and the melodic electronic sound is supposed to simulate sprites. http://www.udubstep.com/the-history-of-dubstep/







http://theawesomer.com/daft-punk-thomas-helmet/125236/ THE
END PLEASE! COMMENT! I NEEDZ UR CRITISIM! Dubstep was generally invented in a nightclub somewhere in London, around 1999. The EXACT origin of Dubstep is hard to pinpoint, because it was sort of invented and produced by multiple artists. Please note that this was a school project, and I did NOT go into deep detail. So before you go spamming rage comments all over this, put that into thought. I didn't even mean for this to be public, so you're lucky you're even seeing this.
Thank you.
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