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Freshmen Parent Orientation

Take IV

Lolo Saldana

on 25 August 2011

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Transcript of Freshmen Parent Orientation

What Do I Need to Know? Success
Starts With... Attendance Graduation
Requirements Tip This is a huge mountain Homework &
Classwork Encourage your child to attend
Every class
Every day! Make appointments
(doctor, dentist)
after school hours. Write notes verifying absences
remind students to get a re-admit! QUESTIONS... Call Attendance Office.. Sue McNeeley
Ext. 4545 Brenda Cassman
Ext. 4112 Legal Issues Citations Habitual Truant Daytime Loitering Truancy Letters My child said, "I wasn't absent. I was..." In OCS
(On Campus Supervision) Less than 20 minutes late w/ parent note allowed to first class of day (only 3 times/semester)
Late without parent note direct to OCS for remainder of period.
Late w/ parent note after 20 minutes, go to OCS NOT attendance office
Students with official doctor, dentist or court slip to go Attendance for pass In ACE
(Alternative Classroom Environment) A supervised classroom where teachers can send students who have demonstrated an unwillingness to discontinue behavior which is disrupting the regular classroom environment. IMPORTANT! Automated phone call home
when there is an absence.

Make sure the school
has a 'working' phone number -
one that your student
won't accidentally delete. KNOW YOUR STUDENT'S ADMINISTRATOR Mr. Hopp
Ext 4114 Ms. Eveland
QUEST/Global Tech
Ext. 4108 Ms. Irving
Ext. 4129 Mr. Martinez
Ext. 4107 Assist student in developing "study buddy" - someone they can contact when absent about the day's assignments and/or notes. Review weekly/monthly attendance with student (and follow-up) with teachers). Contact teachers
regarding homework
when your child
is absent
if needed. Be Aware of High School Graduation Requirements High School Credits CAHSEE Algebra Physical Fitness Test High School Credit Requirements English: 40 credits/4 years
Social science: 30 credits/3 years
Biological/Life Science: 10 credits/1 year
Physical/Earth Science: 10 credits/1 year
Mathematics: 20 credits/2 years (must include algebra)
Physical Education: 20 credits/2 years (and pass fitness test)
Fine Arts or World Language: 10 credits/1 year
Electives: 70 credits Class Schedule Information Full classes
+Reduced Staff
=Few Changes Students are assigned to certain classes
(English, math and science by SLC. )
All students in these classes should be in the same academy. Math courses were assigned based on
grades/standardized test scores
in middle school
(including algebra lab). Electives were selected by students during middle school visits by the counselors. Extra classes include:
AVID, SFS, reading, algebra lab, music, athletics Majority of freshmen
have 6 classes
(English, math, PE, science, fine art, world language). CAHSEE California High School Exit Exam Beginning with class of 2006, all students receiving a high school diploma must pass a state-administered exit examination. Students who do not pass the exit examination will not receive a diploma even if they have met all other graduation requirements. The CAHSEE is a two-day test...
1 day = English/Language Arts
1 day = Math Beginning in grade 10,
students have six opportunities
to pass both sections of the test.
If students pass only one section
(English or Math),
they need only retake the section
they did not pass. Class of 2015 will take the CAHSEE for the first time in February of 2013.
Preparation can start now...
Student guides at bookstores/library
Online resources
Taking school seriously. Algebra 2x + 10 = 20 Students must
successfully complete
the equivalent
of Algebra 1-2
to meet this requirement
if Algebra 1-2
was not
completed in
grades 7 and 8. Conferences Grade level assembly = Sept. 20 Is your student... ...college bound? University of California
California State University “a-g” Requirements “a” History/Social Science-2 years required
“b” English-4 years required
“c” Mathematics-3 years required
“d” Lab Science-2 years required
“e” Language other than English-2 years required
“f” Visual & Performing Arts-1 year required
“g” College Prep Elective-1 year required NCAA Students wishing to pursue athletics at any post-secondary institution must complete specific coursework requirements.

Visit: www.eligibilitycenter.org Grad
Requirements Know the grad requirements
monitor progress
after each grading period. Encourage rigorous coursework. Maintain regular contact with teachers! Communicate regularly with your child's counselor. Class of 2015 Counselors A - L
Viseth Vann Ext: 4118
vvann@lbschools.net M-Z
Lolo Saldaña Ext: 4203
lsaldana@lbschools.net Monitor Classwork/Homework "But my child always says that there is no homework!" 1. Check School Loop
http: lbmillikan.schooloop.com

2. Check Unsats, Progress Reports, Report Cards!

3. Help Your Child Get organized!

4. Make sure they are using their planner. Is Your Child Organized? Demonstrate
how to use a
CALENDAR OR PLANNER Is it organized?
Assignments complete?
Turned in?
Regulary look at your child's folder/notebook and backpack. Maintain
at home and
have a regularly
scheduled homework time. 3-ring notebook Pencils
binder etc

Make sure student has everything needed. "I Can't Help My Child With Homework!" Contact the teacher!
Many offer assistance at
nutrition, lunch or after school! Tutoring schedules are published in October.
World Language
Smaller Learning Communities Monitor Grades via Report Cards!
Is your Address Up-to-Date? QUESTIONS
??? Remember: YOU are the most important KEY to your student's success! Keys to Success:
Parent Guide What do I need to know? Tip This is a huge mountain Attendance Ask your child regularly about specific classes.
What project are they working on? Maintain contact with teachers. Individual conferences begin in the spring
and every subsequent semester
to review transcripts, answer questions,
develop a post-secondary plan and
the following year's schedule. National Collegiate Athletic Association (cc) image by rocketboom on Flickr (cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr Ed Code Section 48260
Any pupil absent from school without a valid excuse on three occasions in one shool year is a truant.
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