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Chew on This Presentation for chapter 3

This prezi is about the third chapter in the book, Chew on this.

Shadow Bladestar

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Chew on This Presentation for chapter 3

Chew on This chapter 3 summary Content Method of Persuasion Style Small Questionnaire *Lots of long texts and facts no one cares about. * Fast food industries destroy small town restaurants. * It calls all sorts of urbanization in. * Good economics of bringing in first jobs for young adults and teenagers first jobs. * McJobs are very low pay, long hour jobs that have little to no future. *He tries to convince that companies are unfair and unstable. *He uses multiple persuasive techniques. * In our opinion he is NOT a persuasive author. *The information has a hard time connecting with us. *Uses statistics, but does not connect. *The stories he uses connect, but there's nothing we can do. * He uses lots of statistics about economics. What is a McJob?
Why is McDonalds opposed to unions?
Do you think McDonalds treat's it's employees fairly? Why?
Do you agree with McDonalds and other fast food restaurants bringing in urbanization?
How do McJobs effect our economy? THANK YOU! Ms. Maremont is awesome. By: Caleb, Kayla, and David Penguino.
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