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Tradition, culture and identity

No description

CIssy He

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Tradition, culture and identity

Effects of Culture
tradition, culture and identity
Possible Exam Questions
Theme Question
What are some different cultures around the world and how has this affected people's identities?
The characteristics of a particular group of people defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits music and arts.
Our Conclusion
Several cultures
Chinese Culture
Greek Culture
Egyptian Culture
Gothic Culture
African Culture
Different cultures around the world caused people to have different traditions and habits.
In Spain
In Malaysia
Effect of cultures can be found as
takes place
This is the process where by people consciously and unconsciously learn the moral standards and other cultural characteristics of the society/group they belong to.
Furthermore, through imitation and identification, people adapt themselves and this imitation and identification often takes place in several environments
Family Government
Workplace Religious movements
Circle of friends Social groups
Short Questions:
- List out
advantages and disadvantages
of having a cultural based
(which disadvantage do you think has the most impact and why)
- What evidence did the source provide to support your opinion?

Long Questions:
- How far does culture and traditions affect a person's identity?
In your answer you should:
• give reasons for your opinion;
• use relevant examples to support your opinion (you may use your own experience);
• show that you have considered different points of view;

Thanks to :
www. dictionary.reference.com/

Thanks for Watching
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