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Organizational Chart

The Organizational Chart of Fort Hays State University

Ningning Hu

on 17 April 2009

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Transcript of Organizational Chart

Fort Hays State Univeristy Organizational Chart President Vice President for Administration & Finance Vice President for Student Affairs Executive Assistant to the President Provost Assistant to the President Docking Institute Director University Relations Diector Executive Director
Alumni & Governmental Relations Ed Hammond Mike Barnett Dr. Herb Songer Todd Powell Dr. Larry Gould Lisa Karlin Dr Brett Zollinger Debra Prideaux Kent Steard FHSU Foundation Tim Chapman College of Arts & Sciences College of Business & Leadership College of Education & Technology College of Health & Life Sciences Graduate Studies and Research Forsyth Library Director Virtual College Director Paul Faber Steve Williams Debbie Mercer Jeff Briggs Dennis King John Ross Tim Crowley Department of Art Department of Chemistry Department of Communication Studies Department of English Department of Geosciences Department of History Department of Information Networking & Telecommunications Department of Justice Studies Department of Mathematics & Computer Science Arts & Sciences for Interdisciplinary Studies Department of Modern Languages Department of Music Department of Philiosophy Department of Political Science Department of Psychology Department of Sociology & Social Work ESL Center Leland Powers Jim Hohman Robsion Scott Cheryl Duffy John Heinrichs Todd Leahy Robert Scott Ron Sandstrom Mark Bannister Heath Maars Rose Arnhold Louis Caplan Evelyn Toft Bejamin Morriscline Cene Rice Shala Mills Mehran Shahidi Department of Accounting & Information System Department of Economics & Finance Department of Management & Marketing Department of Leadership Studies Small Business Development Center Jim Rucker Carl Parker Micol Maughan Brent Goertzen Sheryl Davis Assistant Dean Professional Services Department of Educational Administration and Counseling Department of Teacher Education Department of Technology Department of Special Education Kathy Dale Germain Taggart Fred Ruda Dorothy Fulton Michael Slattery Director of Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technology Hong Wang Department of Agriculture Department of Allied Health Department of Biological Sciences Department of Communication Disorders Department of Health & Human Performance Department of Nursing Elmer Finck Brenda Hoopingarner Amy Finch Glen McNeil John Greathouse Liance Connelly Hello, I am here!
(I am a student of this department) Ningning Hu (Tony)
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