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Cooperation Texas

No description

Cooperation Texas

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Cooperation Texas

Organizational Goals
Increase representation from worker-owners and low-income communities on the Board of Directors
Recruit 5 new board members in the next 3 years from the worker-owned cooperatives we develop.
Make announcements about joining our board to ally organizations rooted in low-income communities.
Develop a more formal orientation for new board members in English and Spanish.
Fill 1-2 board positions with low-income community members in the next 3 years.

Expand the organization's financial base
Secure at least $10,000 annually in monthly sustainers in 3 years.
Add 1,500 more people to our mailing list.
Six grassroots fundraising activities generated by board members.
Explore more grassroots funding options to increase revenue beyond foundation and corporate sources.
Secure annual contributions from at least 8 of the housing cooperatives in Austin.
Increase earned income through consultation fees and Equal Exchange fundraising program by 15% annually.
Increase grant funding to at least $50,000 annually.

Strengthen and grow Texas' worker co-op economy
Launch 3-5 more worker cooperatives, prioritizing work with low-income communities, by 2015.
Increase organizational resources around critical business and legal topics.
Develop more training opportunities for existing worker cooperatives.
Develop 6-8 professional service mentors such as legal aid, financing, marketing, and accounting for clients of Cooperation Texas.
Maintain strong relationships with cooperative movement organizations locally, regionally, and nationally, including ACBA, USFWC.
Establish a revolving loan fund to increase access to start up financing.

Strengthen organizational outreach and communications
Create and implement a strategic communications plan.
Develop more outreach/educational materials in Spanish.
Expand our social media presence into Twitter and YouTube.
CBI Goals
1. Create 25-30 living wage jobs in Texas
Assist Dahlia in expanding their co-op to 10 worker-owners
Launch 4th Tap Brewing co-op with at least 6 worker-owners.
Launch Fuerza Unida sewing co-op composed of at least 5 worker-owners.
Assist Red Rabbit in expanding their co-op to 8 worker-owners.
Education for Cooperation Goals
1. Create more outreach/educational materials in English and Spanish
Create an introductory brochure on worker cooperatives
Develop a series of short videos featuring members of existing worker cooperatives.
Develop organizational merchandise, including t-shirts, bumber stickers and posters of co-op principles.
Create an illustrated pop-ed "how to start a worker co-op in Texas" guide book.
Create an online resource section on worker cooperatives on the CT website.
Cooperation Texas
Strategic Plan Assessment
Goal 1: Accomplishments
Recruited 3 new board members from the worker cooperatives we developed.
Developed a more formal orientation for new board members in English (needs to be translated into Spanish).
Filled two board positions, should strive for more.

Goal 2: Accomplishments
Raised $12,765 in monthly donations in 3 years. We are now at $500/month, which comes to $6,000 annually, with 30 sustainers.
We currently have 951 contacts.
We only had 3 grassroots fundraiser generated by a board member (annual dinners and Cuba trip).
We organized dance parties, hosted author talks, created 7 principles posters, hosted co-op fair.
We secured donations from all of the College Houses co-ops 1 year, and secured a sponsorship this year for Original Taco House.
Earned income compared to last year rose by over 160%
We raised over $100,000 in grants this year.

Goal 3: Accomplishments
We launched 4 more worker cooperatives, including Dahlia, Polycot, Earthbound, and 4th Tap, although only one would quality as an effort led by low-income workers.
We expanded trainings in and outside of the CBI.
We secured two new lawyers, one bookkeeper, and 2-3 financing contacts.
We are on the board of ACBA, USFWC, and SGEP.
We didn't set up a revolving loan fund.

Goal 4: Accomplishments
Yes, new brochure, posters, buttons, stickers, t-shirts.
We are now on Twitter, not YouTube.
Goal 1: Accomplishments
Dahlia is still at 4 worker-owners with two contractors on track.
4th will launch in May of 2015, starting with 3 jobs.
Red Rabbit has 5 worker-owners, and 7 employees.
We converted Polycot, which has 4 worker-owners.
We launched Earthbound, which has 3 worker-owners.
Overall, we've created 10 living wage jobs, with others on track to being living wage.

2. Run the CBI Academy 2-3 times a year
Forge partnerships with at least 2 community-based job-training groups a year.
Promote the course through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog at least once a month.
Expand promotion of the course through churches, community-based organization's and local ethnic media outlets.
Goal 2: Accomplishments
3. Strengthen existing worker cooperatives in Texas
Conduct a survey to assess the needs of existing worker cooperatives in order to directly address the needs of current worker co-ops
Develop trainings tailored to the needs identified in the survey of existing worker cooperatives
Create a menu of training/consultation options
Promote our clients through social media and public presentations/workshops.
Goal 3: Accomplishments
We conducted surveys and focus groups.
Goal 1: Accomplishments
Yes, only in Spanish at the moment.
No, but do have a short documentary on Dahlia.
Illustrated guide book in development.
We now have a resource section on our website.
2. Strengthen working relationship with professional service providers
Establish closer ties with the Small Business Development Center, local SCORE chapter, BIG Austin, and faculty at the McCombs School of Business.
Worker with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid to create a how-to legal guide to forming a worker cooperative in Texas in both English and Spanish.
Deliver a presentation on the nature and benefits of worker-owned cooperatives for lenders from local credit unions, including Velocity, UFCU, A+.
Create a mentorship program with professional service providers.
Goal 2: Accomplishments
We worked w/ UT Law Clinic to create a model set of bylaws and certificates of formation in English and Spanish.
We have met with people from UFCU and Amplify.
Still a good idea, but possibly with current worker-owners?
3. Build awareness of and interest in the worker co-op model w/ priority given to low-income communities
Collaborate with local job-training organizations to encourage participants to consider forming a worker cooperative after completing their training.
Conduct worker co-op 101 workshop in English and Spanish to 150 low-income workers in churches, schools, and community-based organizations.
Visit each housing cooperative every year to discuss the nature and benefits of worker ownership.
Identify opportunities for CT to participate in local job fairs.
4. Expand the number of financing sources for worker co-ops
Establish a revolving loan fund with community stakeholders committed to growing the cooperative economy
Develop an understanding of the worker cooperative model within local CDFI's, including People Fund, Accion Texas, and BIG Austin.
Develop an understanding of the worker co-op model with local credit unions, such as UFCU, Velocity and A+.
Goal 3: Accomplishments
We achieved all, although there might still be room to look into job training programs.
Goal 4: Accomplishments
We are in the process of setting one up in the South with the SGEP.
We have contacts now at ACCION, People Fund, but not strong relationships with BIG.
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