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Specific Training

No description

Dino Halilovic

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Specific Training

Mission Specific Training is a facility that gives the community a place to be educated about fitness and the specificity of training without discrimination Specific Training (S/T) will give clients the opportunity to train like elite athletes by educating them to understand the basic principles of strength training, the energy systems, body composition / nutrition, flexibility, performance, mental attitude and integrity Specific Training will keep the cost of having a personal trainer affordable with our continuing guidance to teach you. Specific Training is an organization genuine to building relationships and giving back to the community Educational Fitness is a not-for-profit branch of Specific Training and will incorporate the 7 Aspects of Specific Training. Educational Fitness will tie the disciplines of athletics and wellness with academics. Present Situation The fitness industry is continuously growing and expanding in the United States. Millions of dollars are spent every year on gym memberships and other fitness / sport / health related products. However, it is not the intention for S/T to become just another gym. With obesity and the general lack of fitness knowledge becoming an increasing problem, S/T will set a precedence to teach the disciplines of fitness and sport and connect this to education. S/T's goal is to target its customers from a wide range. Adolescents ( 9-12), teenagers (13-19) will be S/T's PRIORITY FIRST . S/T will also have certain time slots where any professional working adults, stay home parents, retirees and senior citizens, and children / adults with physical limitations will be able to train. S/T also plans to attract present and former local athletes that will train in their off-season at S/T and act as mentors. S/T's concept is simple: educate the young how to train properly and safely, educate them on nutrition, educate them on supplements, teach them how to act, how to learn, how to respect, how to compete, and how to better their skills by improving their strengths and weaknesses. Our after school program will incorporate these very important aspects with strength & conditioning programs, as well as classroom sessions. S/T will have qualified teachers on staff to offer tutoring sessions, as well as work with parents with award programs to improve efforts in schools and in the community It is very important for S/T to build a relationship with the community. It is the intention of S/T to incorporate NFL Play 60 ,MLB and other such program for endorsements and possibility of grants and scholarships. The major problem with sport camps today is that they are very expensive and only last a few days. Even though much is learned and taught, without continued practice the concepts learned will be forgotten. S/T will host and offer 5 -8 monthly camps / seminars / clinics on the weekends lead by local high school and college coaches as well as NFL and MLB coaches and players when possible. These sessions will be offered to members at a discounted price while some will be free. S/T plans to cover a variety of sports with the sessions that will include specific skill sets and levels for each sport. S/T will offer group discounts for Pop Warner teams and little league programs. Clinics for all coaches for a variety of sports and skill development will be offered as well. During spring and winter breaks there will be 5 day sport specific camps offered, and 8 week sport specific camps will be running in the summer. Short Term Goals

Finish Indoor Facility
Sub Lease; Chiropractic Services, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy
Continuing Maintenance of All Equipment and Purchasing of New Equipment.
Constant Evaluation of All Programs and the Development of New Programs Phase 3:
Open the Facility Phase 1
Secure Land
Design Plans for the Facility
Apply and Secure Funding Through Grants / Sponsors / Barter program
Establish Board Members, and 2 Directors of Education.
Develop Programs / Lessons, Market strategies
Visit Schools
Meet with Parents – Community Leaders Phase 2
Build Facility
Purchase Majority of Equipment
Take Care of All Legal Matters
Employ at least 2 Strength & Conditioning Specialists
Employ a Nutritionist and Staff to Operate Wise Choice Café
Employ a Director of the Aquatic / Adapted & Therapy Training
Barter or Hire Floor Workers (asst. trainers), Receptionist’s, Cleaning service, Lawn Service and Maintenance Long Term Goals:
Develop and Build Satellite Facilities in Surrounding Counties Objectives Total Conditioning and Development of the Whole Athlete:
Strength is important but it is not enough. We will concentrate on all aspects such as joint stability & core training , flexibility (ROM), explosive power and muscular endurance, by teaching you how to train. Even though weight is important, you must understand pace / tempo & proper technique which is much more valuable. The Reduction of Serious Injuries:
Sport injuries can never be completly eliminated, but we can reduce our chances greatly with pre and post stretches ( dynamic / PNF flexibility programs ) and give special attention to proper muscle balance. This will also help for quicker rehabilitation recovery if an injury does occur. Plan of Action The Refinement of all Physical Skills Through Specificity of Training:
To train and isolate the muscles that will enhance the activity. The physical conditioning for any sport (activity ) should match the physiological and bio-energetics categories ( energy system ) demands of the activity. Maximizing Performance:
The factors that are involved in maximizing results are your training, proper rest / sleep patterns, stress and diet. All are dependent on one another in how they affect performance. If one factor is neglected the others will be affected. Diet / nutrition is usually the most neglected factor. All members will have a body composition analysis (BCA) so that we can target and develop a plan to lose excess body fat. All factors will be addressed to each member, and there will be more awareness placed on bridging the gap between nutrition ,supplements and SPD . Individual consultation will be available with a nutritional expert for a fee. For all members (clients ) who takes training very seriously with a passion striving for improvement and results, S/T strength and conditioning objectives are structured to accomplish the following Tempace

Intensity (tempo/pace)
Variation (stages/exercises/work load %) GOAL

Specific Sport (Skill)
Speed / COD
Muscular Endurance.
Muscular Strength
Improving Various Limitation
Increase of Flexibility TIME

Duration (start/finish)
Frequency (weekly/monthly/anually)
Realistic commitment that will help you reach/improve/maintain your goals Program
Design The plan will take these factors :
Goal + Time + Tempace = Results in developing (prescribing) your daily / weekly / monthly / annually plan of action + + = RESULTS Educational Fitness works in conjunction with the school system (superintendend,principals, teachers , athletic directors, coaches, guidance counslers, parents, resource officers ) to help prepare students, in all of the 7 aspects, prior to entering High School, as well to assist and improve the skills of students already in High School. S/T will specifically target middle school and high school students. With various supplements, steroids, and sport performance drugs in the market having a profound impact on college and professional sports, their negative influence has trickled down to aspiring athletes. Athletic programs at all levels are very competitive. The success of the competition usually comes down to 3 disciple components:
1) Mental preparation through coaching & practice.
2) Physical aspects through training.
3) Desire to win, compete, (heart), how hard are you willing to work on 1 & 2 .
Your EFFORT will determine the results. S/T will aim to teach adolescents the proper way to train and understand the negative effects SPD, poor work habits, and poor nutrition can have on their lives. Once S/T gets established, funding and grant opportunities will grow through organizations such as the NFL as well as government grants and corporate sponsors. This will help S/T provide additional services, scholarships, memberships, or help with transportation needs. Educational Fitness
After School Programs Membership Products/Services Most Advanced Weight Training Equipment & Facility
Body Composition Analysis
Personal Training Workout Plans
Continuously Supervised & Assistance
Towels to Use for your Training
High Technology Cardio Facility
TBA Under Armour / Reebok / Nike Indoor Field Turf Training Facility
TBA Aquatic Training Facility
Tutoring Program ( After School Programs )
3 Fully Functional Classrooms with DVD Access
Volunteers and Mentor Opportunities; Community Services
Some Free Specific Classes for Members Special Fees for Reduced and Free Lunch Students
10% Discount for a Commitment of 4 Cycles per Year
Reward Certificates Good For Any of the Weekend or Week Night Programs / Camps offered.
5% Discount for Family Membership ( 2 or more )
Meal Plan Option for Wise Choice Cafe Wise Choice Cafe
Chiropractic Care
Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Nutritional Consultation
Gift shop (supplement supplier & sell items who sponsor indoor facility)
Summer – Winter – Spring Camps
Seminars & Clinics
Field Rental
Individual lessons Additional Services at Additional Cost Products / Services Hammer Strength equipment will be the primary source in the weight training facility
Hammer strength is widely used in many professional and collegiate athletic teams as well as many health & fitness facilities
Hammer strength is the #1 brand of plate-loaded equipment in the world & the most ADVANCED strength training technologies in the industry. Even though it was initially designed for professional athletes, it will deliver the same inspiring workouts for all users with the SAFEST and most biomechanically correct movements and lowest starting resistance in the industry.
Vertimax Training - No other system will do more to increase reactive power, first step quickness, and breakaway ability. Vertimax is the absolute best light load training system ever designed. Used by many professional and college programs, it will assist you in lowering 40 times, increase vertical jump, develop explosive power, improve lateral speed, and has hundreds of resistance settings. It was designed to help athletes play faster, however all members can benefit due to the light load & low impact on the joints. Weight Training Facilities Band training – Medicine Ball training – Stability Ball training – Kettle bells training
Various of these training will be incorporated into training sessions, because of it’s highly functional, using the entire body for virtually every movement pattern. By strengthening the body seat of power (CORE) – the hips & upper / lower abdominals. The CARDIO Facility will feature Life Fitness, the world leader in commercial fitness equipment. There will be a impressive line-up of treadmills, total body elliptical cross-trainers, lifecycle bikes & stairclimbers. Some of the cardio equipment will feature LCD technology entertainment system, that will make cardio training more enjoyable for those who need to be entertained while training. Cardio Facility Sport / Skill Training
Speed Development Programs Sand Training / Resistance Training / Hill & Stair Training / Plyometrics Training
Interval Training / Functional Conditioning
Agilities / COD (change of direction)
Specific Sport Camps / Seminars / Clinics
Weekend / Weeknight Specific Sport Drills -$5 - $25
LRS Sport Combine - Free to High School Students
12 Man Camp – Special Camp
Point of Attack Lineman/Skillcamp - $75
Field Rental for Team Competition / Practice / Group Drills TBA Indoor Field Turf Facility Researchers and physical therapists are applauding the benefits of underwater treadmills, therapy jets and other therapeutic advantages. Many people will benefit from this type of exercise and therapy, the most notable gains have been for post surgery rehabilitation of knee and hip replacements. Gait training allows the client or athlete to progress at their own pace, while the buoyancy of the water eliminates the fear of falling or re-injury.
Other Benefits:
People who have physical disabilities.
Low impact exercises to improve - range of motion (ROM), delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), inflamed joints.
For rehab of sport injuries and any other injuries. Aquatic Training Facility A Place Where Nutrition, Physical Activity , Academics and Community Involvement is Taught, Learned and Applied Whole Person
7 Aspect Training Community Involvement Plan/Goals=Results Nutrition/Wellness Muscular Development Energy System Sport Specific Skills Academics Designing, learning and achieving all of the following aspects to maximize your efforts to reach your goals while striving for your passion. Body composition analysis (BCA) - To understand the total weight of essential, reserve, and excess body fat.
Education on making wise healthy eating habits, supplements choices, weight gain / weight loss decisions.
Health Prevention & Awareness Programs
Drug / Alcohol & Tobacco Awareness ( DAT ). Strength, endurance, core & stabilization
Boot camp & blast training
Explosive power & jump training
Dynamic flexibility & performance stretches
Decrease % of injuries & increase % recovery of muscle soreness and injuries when they do occur. Specific conditioning to match the bioenergetics demands to meet your needs
Training to the correct ATP system using cardio foundation, interval training, sport specific speed training, resistance training – sand – hill – stairs – water – bands- sleds – chutes
Functional training, plyometrics, agilities and change of direction drills (COD).
Utilize more dynamic and PNF flexibilities to increase range of motion (ROM). ( Physical ) Particular individual motor skill and incorporate into the speed / functional / agilities.
Sport specific related drills. ( mentally ) vision , tactical and concentration skills.
Sport specific camps, seminars, clinics will be offered daily, on weekends, spring breaks, winter breaks and week long camps during the summer. Program
Design Facilities
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