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Leonardo da Vinci

No description

Sabrina Ryu

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci
Born April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy
Raised by father and stepmother
Started apprenticing at age 14 under Verrocchio
Established a workshop at age 20
Accused of sodomy
For two years, whereabouts were unknown.
Virgin of the Rocks
Ginevra de Benci
Oil on Panel
38cm x 37cm
Lady with an Ermine
Oil paint on canvas
54cm x 39cm
Life as an Artist
Mona Lisa / Aria's favorite
From 1482 until 1499, Leonardo was commissioned to work on a great many projects. It was during this time that da Vinci painted "The Last Supper." Da Vinci's most well-known painting, and arguably the most famous painting in the world, the "Mona Lisa," was a privately commissioned work and was completed sometime between 1505 and 1517. It's been said that the Mona Lisa had jaundice, that she was a pregnant woman and that she wasn't actually a woman at all, but a man in a women's clothes.
Oil on wood Panel
77cm x 53 cm

Vitruvian Man
Ink on Paper
34cm x 26cm
Virgin and child with St. Anne
Oil paint on wood
168cm x 112 cm
Early Life
St. John the Baptist
Adoration of the Magi
Madonna of the Carnation
Sabrina's Favorite
Tempera and oil on plaster
460cm x 880cm
Howard's Favorite
Nana's Favorite
Miki's Favorite
1. Where was Da Vinci born?

2. At what age did he start appreciateing art?
3. When was he born?
Oil on Panel
199cm x 122 cm
Oil on Panel
189cm x 120cm
Oil and Tempura on panel
Oil painting on wood
69cm x 57cm
Tempera and oil paint on panel
246cm x 243cm
Oil on panel
62cm x 48cm
The Last Supper
Baptism of Christ
Oil on wood
177cm x 151cm

Oil on canvas
49.5 cm × 33 cm
Benois Madonna
He designed a more accurate clock.
His clocks were made of 2 parts. One was for minutes and the other was for hours. He also had a dial that showed moon phases.
Da Vinci made ideas for the parachute but he never actually made it. However, in 2000, Adrian Nicholas made it and when he tested it, it worked.
He also made the.....
Diving suit, flying machine, bell bearing,
robotic knight, etc.

4. What was the Mona Lisa painted on?
5. What are two of his inventions?

1. Vinci, Italy
2. 14
3. Verrocchio
4. Mona Lisa
5. Clock, parachute, d
iving suit, flying machine, bell bearing,
robotic knight, etc.
Thanks for whatching
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