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The Temperate Deciduous forest invasive species

No description

Trevor Jones

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Temperate Deciduous forest invasive species

The Temperate Deciduous Forest
The Temperate Forest is the only biome with changing seasons you can see
It gets about 60 inches of rain per year
The trees become dormant for winter
It is located mainly on the eastern side of the earth
The temperature can vary wildly throughout the year
Many different plants live in this kind of forest
Many animals that live in the forest hibernate during the cold winters
The soil is very fertile and rich
These forests are divided into 5 different parts depending on how tall the trees are
Temperate Deciduous Forest Invasive Species
Food Chain/Web
The Porcupinuous Lizard
This lizard is small about the size of a normal sized Beagle. It has long spines that stick off of its back. They have poison ends that if they touch beyond human skin you can die. It is a dark brown, good for blending into trees
This lizard has many adaptations to help
it survive in the forest. It has super sharp claws to grip trees, it can climb them to avoid predators. It has strong teeth to tear open animals. They live in groups which makes it hard for predators to attack them. Their only predator is the snake. It feeds off of rabbits, insects and berries. It is nocturnal, only awake at night. It also hibernates during the winter. It scale color allows it to blend in with the ground.
Where did it originate?
This species came from the coasts of Madagascar after it accidentally stumbled onto a ship. It was accidentally bred when a porcupine entered into a lizard breeding lab. The ship it was on, docked in the port of Galveston. It then traveled to the woods of eastern Texas.
It hurts the environment very much. It feeds on the main food sources of many animals. It can only be eaten by poisonous snakes because their poison offsets the poison from the quills.

Measures needed to take
They need to create small traps that have dead rabbits or berries in them. These animals love to eat, so any chance at food they will jump at it. They also make distinct markings of their territory, so it is very easy to track them and catch them.
This animal is from the domain Eukarya. It is multicellular so fits in. It is in the Kingdom Animilia and is a reptile. It has scales and lays eggs. It is also cold blooded and has a vertebrae. It has
earholes instead of ears. It
also has four legs. It doesn't have a nose so its tongue is its sense of smell
The Porcupinuous
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