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Black Sunday

No description

Gene Monahan

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Black Sunday

A Dust Storm
A dust storm is a gigantic, deathlike black cloud that is made up of millions of particles of fine dust, like a blanket over the sun. A dust storm approaches very quickly so you will need to get to shelter fast. A dust storm will usually appear if you are living in a drought. The people who experienced it said, "It came like a black wall choking the life out of anything in its way."
When And Where Black Sunday Happened
On April 14, 1935 people in the Southern plains were hit by the dust storm. The Midwest States such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado were hit most severely by the storm.
What The People Felt About Black Sunday
The people who experienced Black Sunday felt that they were not warned and were unprepared. The people had thought the world had come to an end and it was their doom. Everyone frantically tried to find shelter or tried to leave the city before the cloud had reached them! After the storm, people were depressed and miserable, all of their crops were ruined! Some were lonely because their family and friends had died in the storm.
Effects Of The Storm
After the storm people were depressed and miserable, all of their crops were ruined. Some were lonely because their friends and family died in the storm.
Black Sunday
By: Brigid Vaikness

Credits to Google Image
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