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Analysis of the Gun Control Movement

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Milly Gonzalez

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Analysis of the Gun Control Movement

Theoretical Approaches
Structural Functional Perspective
Social Conflict Perspective

Analysis of the Gun Control
Reform Movement

By: Milly Gonzalez
The Sociological Perspective
Societal Issues:
Fear of violation of 2nd Amendment Rights, Society has become more violent (mass shootings), The need for protection no matter what
Historical Forces
NRA's protection of America's 2nd Amendment individual rights
Society conditioned to accept the escalation of violence, Lack of education
Midwest Academy Strategy Chart
Take Action
Personal Values / Constructs of Society
Gun reform proposals have always been challenged in the United States because of Article V in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights Second Amendment. It's difficult to imagine that in 1787, the delegates who drafted the Constitution would predict a world as violent as today.
Other countries have reformed legislation on gun control as a result of their current situation, and not solely based on circumstances and bylaws of the past.

The social movement on gun control must continue to fight and move forward in order to stabilize the violent communities in our city and reduce the number of gunshot injuries and deaths occurring daily. It is no longer just a headline in the paper, this issue is directly impacting all of us!
Universal Background Checks
Assault Weapons
Guns in Public
Stand your Ground Laws
Guns & Mental Health
Guns, Democracy & Freedom
We Must...
Challenge Legislators
Facilitate Political Advocacy
Hold Elected Officials Accountable
REALITY CHECK: In ONE Year on Average (all ages)
Over 108,000 people
in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides & suicide attempts, unintentional shootings, or by police intervention:

32,514 people die from gun violence
11,294 people are murdered
19,992 people kill themselves
561 people are killed unintentionally
414 are killed by police intervention
254 die but intent is not known
75,962 people survive gun injuries
55,009 people are injured in an attack
3,791 people survive a suicide attempt
16,334 people are shot unintentionally
827 people are shot by police intervention
Educate & Promote Peace
While We...
Guns are used to maintain stability and order in society
Guns laws create social control
Guns not only represent protection, but represent threat & violence
The NRA has the power & resources to fight against gun control legislation
The struggle between powerless individuals and the elite capitalists keep the powerless in a disadvantage to facilitate change
There should be equality when applying laws to people


Many Issues...Get Involved!
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