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In their shoes

No description

Stephanie Rosestone

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of In their shoes

In their shoes

Children comparing their modern experiences to those before them
Personal Experience
From direct personal experience, through role-playing history, children become acutely aware of the contrasts in the beliefs and knowledge of people in that era compared to their own.
How is a personal experience
of history created?
Immersive role-play
We create powerful feelings
in the students...
Cognitive Dissonance
Leon Festinger (1957) suggested this occurs when a person holds two or more conflicting beliefs or ideas at one time.
They must find a way to resolve the dissonance.
Topics where they confront disbelief:
gender roles
roles and rights of children
beliefs about education
general beliefs and motivations
The Resolution
Developing the understanding that people in the 1850s had different beliefs, roles and values than they do today.
New understandings
Students understand more of the
in which historical events happened.
The lifestyles and education of children has changed a lot over time. This is linked to changes in people's beliefs.
Changes in beliefs about the rights of women have resulted in more equality and opportunities for school-aged girls.
During the gold rush people were prepared to deal with extreme circumstances to moderately improve their lives. That need isn't so great today.
In their words...
Stephanie Rosestone - Sovereign Hill Schools
Contextual understanding
From this contextual understanding they are able to begin to move to a more complex level of historical inquiry where they can form an understanding of
events happened they way they did.
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