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Frindle Book Project (MP1)

First Independent Reading Project for Grade 6!

Sean Cavanaugh

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Frindle Book Project (MP1)

Frindle By Andrew Clements Chapter 1 Nick comes up with good and bad ideas (such as turning a classroom into a beach and making blackbird noises in class). Chapter 2 Mrs. Granger loves dictionaries. Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Teacher thinks Janet is making blackbird noises and Janet says she didn't. The teacher did not find out it was Nick. Mrs. Granger is old-fashioned and a tough, strict, serious teacher. Students are in Mrs. Granger's class. Nick asks where words come from. He also asks if dictionaries get copied from other dictionaries. Mrs. Granger doesn't answer his question yet. He asks the question because he wants to sidetrack Mrs. Granger so she will forget to give homework. The homework assignment is to copy down the definitions of 35 words. Nick gets an extra homework assignment. He has to answer his own question and write a report about how dictionaries get their words. After finishing definitions, Nick starts his report on dictionaries and "is up to something" with the report. Nicholas "Nick" Allen- full of ideas, not afraid of challenges, fifth grader at Lincoln Elementary School Main Characters Mrs. Lorelei Granger-very serious, very strict, very old- fashioned, loves dictionaries Lincoln Elementary School, Westfield, New Hampshire
1987 (1997 in Chapter 15) Setting Problem Nick wants to invent a word as a challenge to his teacher, Mrs. Granger. He calls a "pen" a "frindle". Everyone starts to use the word and Mrs. Granger is furious. Exposition Exposition Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Nick makes his report too long because he wants to waste time. Mrs. Granger still squeezes everything in during the last eight minutes of class. Mrs. Granger tells Nick to stop his report late in the period-she sidetracks Nick. The answer to Nick's question is: "We decide what goes in the dictionary." Rising Action Chapter 6 Nick and Janet walk home from school and find a pen. Nick decides to call the pen a "frindle". Nick and five friends decide they will never call a "pen" a "pen" again. They call it a "frindle". Rising Action Chapter 7 Nick and his friend John ask each other for a "frindle" in front of Mrs. Granger and the other students.

Mrs. Granger has a talk with Nick and Nick never uses the word "pen" when he speaks. Rising Action Chapter 8 The whole school starts saying "frindle" and likes Nick's idea. Mrs. Granger says if anyone uses the word "frindle", they will have a detention after school. Rising Action Chapter 9 Mrs. Granger and Nick have a meeting. She asks Nick to give up the word "frindle". Nick refuses and Mrs. Granger gives Nick a sealed envelope to sign. She says he will not be able to open it until "it" was over. Mrs. Chatham, the principal visits Nick's parents and she discusses how everyone is using the word "frindle".
She feels that this is disruptive to the students' learning. After Mrs. Chatham leaves, Nick tells his parents that he was not being disrespectful. Nick's parents decide to support him. Chapter 10 Mrs. Judy Morgan, reporter for the Westfield Gazette, visits Lincoln Elementary School to write an article about the "frindle issue". Judy visits teachers and they all say that they are annoyed by the word "frindle". Teachers do not like the word "frindle" but the students will not give up the word. Mrs. Morgan calls it a "WORD WAR". Rising Action Chapter 11 Mrs. Granger, Mrs. Chatham and the superintendent see the article in the newspaper. Superintendent-"It'll be a wonder if we don't all get fired"! Climax Chapter 12 A man named Bud Lawrence reads the article and starts to make pens with the word "frindle" on them. He makes lots of money. TV reporters hear about the article. They visit Nick and Mrs. Granger's houses to interview them. Soon, the whole state, the whole country and the whole world hear about "frindle". Now Nick is famous! Bud meets with Dad and they sign a contract to split money for all the frindle merchandise. Bud-70% Nick-30% Falling Action Chapter 13 All the arguments about "frindle" end. Mrs. Granger loses. The kids keep using the word but they don't have to go to detention anymore. Chapter 14 Nick says goodbye to Mrs. Granger on the last day of school and asks her for the envelope. Mrs. Granger doesn't give it to him, which means that "it" is not over. She complements Nick on a great year and makes him feel happy again. After the "frindle" issue, Nick changed. He still had good ideas but now they scared him a little. He remembered what happened during the "frindle" issue so he kept his ideas to himself. Resolution (10 yrs. later) Chapter 15 The Frindle fund set up by Nick's dad makes Nick very rich. Mrs. Granger sends Nick gifts on Christmas-
1. A college dictionary
2. A note
3. An envelope Nick turns to page 541 of the dictionary and sees the word "frindle". Now "frindle" is a real word! Nick reads the note from 10 years ago. In it Mrs. Granger says Nick and the students won, and that she was disrespectful and mean to the students. She apologizes and says that she wants him to succeed. She is very excited to see how it all turns out. The superintendent writes a note to Mrs. Granger saying that a scholarship fund of $1,000,000 had been created by a former student (Nick) in her name. Nick sends a fancy pen to Mrs. Granger and tells her to call it any name she wants. Nick's Mom and Mrs. Granger notice the change and they try to make him feel like himself again. Internal Conflict Man vs. Self Nick vs. Self- After the "frindle" issue, Nick changed. He still had good ideas but now they scared him a little. He remembered what happened during the "frindle" issue so he kept his ideas to himself. It made him feel sad and gloomy. Mrs. Granger vs. Self- At first, Mrs. Granger does not like Nick using the word "frindle" and is furious. When she sees that Nick is not giving up, she realizes that this is a chance that a teacher hopes for and dreams about. She is excited to see "frindle" become a real word. External Conflict Man vs. Man Nick vs. Mrs. Granger- The main battle in this book is between Nick and Mrs. Granger. Nick wants to invent a word as a challenge to Mrs. Granger. He calls a "pen" a "frindle" and Mrs. Granger is furious. Nick vs. Mrs. Chatham (Principal)- Mrs. Chatham visits Nick's parents to discuss the "frindle problem". She wants Nick to stop using the word "frindle" immediately because the students were disobeying school rules and rebelling against the teachers. There is no Man vs. Nature conflict in "Frindle." Man vs. Nature Keep trying even if there's challenges and sometimes your biggest opponent can end up being on your side! Theme-Lesson Thanks for watching my Prezi! Students in Grades 2-7 would benefit from this book the most. I think these kids would enjoy this book because the words aren't too complicated and it is the right length. Most importantly, the lesson of the book is important to kids of this age. Audience This was Andrew Clements' first published book. I think he wrote it because he wants to teach kids lessons about life. One of those lessons is to keep trying even if there are challenges. For example, in Chapter 8 Nick meets with Mrs. Granger after school and tells her he will not stop using the word "frindle". Another lesson is that sometimes your biggest opponent can end up being on your side. For example, in chapter 15 Mrs. Granger sends the letter to Nick and he realizes she is proud of him and she had been rooting for him the whole time. Author's Purpose I recommend this book because it is very exciting. It is also fun to predict what happens next. It is neat to see how a 5th grade boy can become famous for inventing a word. This is why I recommend this book. Recommendation Rising Action
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