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Stock Market Company Research

No description

Jason Kuo

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Stock Market Company Research

Sector: Healthcare
(Drug Manufacturers - Major)
Competitors: Covidien plc (COV)
Novartis AG (NVS)
Pfizer Inc. (PFE)
CEO: Alex Gorsky
Description: Johnson & Johnson researches, develops, manufactures, and sells various products in the health care field worldwide. Its Consumer segment contains products in fields such as baby, skin, oral, and wound care. These include Band-Aid, Listerine, Tylenol, and Neutrogena. Its Medical Devices and Diagnostics segment contains products used by health care professionals, such as in surgery, vision care, and infection prevention. These include Codman Neurovascular, Acuvue, and Advanced Sterilization Products. Its Pharmaceuticals segment provides products in areas such as neurology, vaccines, and hematology. These include Concerta, Zytiga, and Stelara.
Description: The Walt Disney Company is a worldwide entertainment company. Its Media Networks segment, consisting of the Disney/ABC Television Group and ESPN Inc., is in charge of broadcast, cable, radio, and publishing and digital businesses. It includes the ABC Television Network, Disney Channels Worldwide, and the ESPN Radio Network. Its Parks and Resorts segment runs the 11 theme parts and 43 resorts around the world, including the Disney Cruise Line, Disney Vacation Club, the Walt Disney World Resort, and the Disneyland Resort. The Walt Disney Studios is in charge of movies, music, and stage plays around the world. Feature films are released under banners that include Disney, Pixar Animation Studios, and Marvel Studios. The Disney Theatrical Group is in charge of live events like Disney on Ice. Disney Consumer Products is in charge of business. It is in charge of Disney merchandise, such as clothing, toys, decorations, and books. It includes The Disney Store and Disney Publishing Worldwide. Disney Interactive is in charge of entertainment through digital media platforms, such as social and console games, online virtual worlds, Disney.com, and the Moms and Family network of websites.
Description: American Express is in charge of charge and credit card products and travel-related services worldwide, including travelers cheques and network services. It also publishes luxury lifestyle magazines under brand names including Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure. It provides solutions for everyone in the areas of payment, travel, and expense management. It also publishes books and products on travel, cooking, wine, time management, and finance. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (MRVL) Sector: Technology
(Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits)
Competitors: LSI Corporation (LSI)
STMicroelectronics NV (STM)
Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN)
CEO: Sehat Sutardja List of Companies Nike Inc. (NKE) The Walt Disney Company (DIS) American Express Company (AXP) Jason Kuo
Period 1 Stock Market Research Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
Johnson & Johnson
Nike Inc.
The Walt Disney Company
American Express Company Sector: Consumer Goods
(Textile - Apparel Footwear & Accessories)
Competitors: Adidas AG (ADDYY)
New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.
CEO: Mark G. Parker Unique Facts: Nike was founded in January 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight and his college track and field coach Bill Bowerman. Knight initially sold the shoes out of his green Plymouth Valiant.
Positive Comment: A buy of 40,844 shares justwent through after hours at $59.53 Very good sign of things to come Monday morning in my opinion!!!!#$%$$$$$"
Negative Comment: "Bottom line: NKE is a 5.00 joke posing as a 51.00 stock And the NKE wackjob party is over, ladies....DEAD and buried....since there are NO positives of any kind attached to this NKE hype today.....the retail environment is TERRIBLE....the fiscal cliff stands to see a WAVE of PANIC SELLING that will ERASE 50% of current market value in a heartbeat....and the SMARTER pros are very obviously either running away from NKE or taking net SHORT positions, particularly in the money PUTS....and let me assure you that the SMARTER pros running away from this NIKE hype are NOT wearing Nike tennis shoes" 2012 Annual Revenue: 25.12B
Dividend: 0.84 share
Market Cap: 53.52B
52-Week High: 60.25
52-Week Low: 42.55 Unique Facts: Marvell employees are known to be generous when crises strike around the globe. Through disaster relief initiatives, food drives, and holiday giving programs, they help needy communities and show compassion. Marvell's Peas Corps, with Second Harvest Food Bank and Feeding America, hopes to combat childhood hunger and raise food and money for infants and toddlers.
Positive Comment: "MRVL looks like a good buy for 2013 End of year targets. Anyone? I believe that MRVL will break the 52 weeks high at some point but settle in the $15-16 range."
Negative Comment: "What's the point of Kinoma? I'm scratching my head how they expect to integrate kinoma into marvell's silicon business. As of right now it's also being offered for free. Does anybody here even use Kinoma? What did they expect to accomplish when they acquired them?" 2012 Annual Revenue: 3.17B
Dividend: 0.24 per share
Market Cap: 5.33B
52-Week High: 16.00
52-Week Low: 6.98 Unique Facts: American Express is the world's larges card issuer by purchase volume. Unlike other credit card issuers, American Express earns most of its revenue form cardmember spending instead of from lending fees. It has the highest credit quality among major card issuers.
Positive Comment: "Good day today. upgraded to BUY."
Negative Comment: "Why did taxpayers keep this garbage company alive?? This is the only credit company that calls my neighbors when I am 30 days past due looking for me. Is there anyone out there (FTC/joke) looking at this company to see when and how often they violate the FDCPA. NO!!!" Unique Facts: On October 16, 1923, considered the start of the Disney Company, Walt Disney signed a contract to produce a series of Alice Comedies. It isn't until May 6, 1991, that The Walt Disney Company joins the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Positive Comment: "DIS Upgraded to STRONG BUY. This research report provides in depth analysis and reasons leading to today's DIS upgrade to STRONG BUY."
Negative Comment: "Isnt it time for Disney to sweeten the Dividends Allot of company,s have been raising profits by cutting worker related cost and this is hurting the general economy,so shouldnt all "SHARE HOLDERS" deserve to profit from this extra cash on hand, not just take it and raise salarys for the directors and their friends." 2012 Annual Revenue: 42.84B
Dividend: 0.75 per share
Market Cap: 101.66B
52-Week High: 57.82
52-Week Low: 40.88 Unique Facts: The company's "Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment," published in 1888, helped spread the practice of sterile surgery in the United States and around the world. The first commercial first aid kits, pioneered by Johnson & Johnson, were originally meant for railroad workers, but they quickly became standard. Johnson & Johnson were the first to mass produce dental floss, in 1898. They were initially made from leftover suture silk. Positive Comment: "JNJ is on a RUN!! Many positives are driving the upward surge in JNJ's stock price......... They have many drugs that are on the way to blockbuster status.....Stelara, Simponi, Xarelto, and a new diabetes drug that will be a major advance...... Also, the OTC meds are coming back and ther will be a MAJOR consumer campaigna to win back loyal customers....... Synthes is just beginning to add to the bottom line... I see $85 by the end of 2013..." Negative Comment: "First of all JNJ has no revenue growth and they have been buying back stock like crazy.....Also...as the dollar gets stronger against all these foreighn currencies as they race to devalue their currencies..JNJ will struggle. It will never get a growth multiple again..it already has way too high a valution for 2% revenue growth." Description: Marvell is a fabless semiconductor company, shipping over one billion chips a year. These chips drive high Description: Nike designs, develops, markets, and sells athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories. Accessories include sports bags, socks, watches, gloves, and eyewear. Its affiliate businesses include Converse, Inc., Hurley International, LLC, Jordan Brand, and Nike Golf. 2012 Annual Revenue: 67.22B
Dividend: 2.44 per share
Market Cap: 220.86B
52-Week High: 79.74
52-Week Low: 61.71 Sector: Services (Entertainment - Diversified)
Competitors: NBCUniversal Media, LLC
News Corp. (NWS)
Time Warner Inc. (TWX)
CEO: Robert A. Iger Sector: Financial (Credit Services)
Competitors: Discover Financial Services (DFS)
Mastercard Incorporated (MA)
Visa Inc. (V)
CEO: Kenneth I. Chenault J.D. 2012 Annual Revenue: 29.59B
Dividend: 0.80 per share
Market Cap: 72.26B
52-Week High: 66.43
52-Week Low: 53.02 volume storage solutions, mobile and wireless, networking, consumer, and green products. Its Marvell Mobile Hotspot is an in-car connection to Wi-Fi. The first automobile in the market with it was the 2010 Audi A8. Products include the DragonFly VSA, Armada 1500, and PXA920. Fin
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