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My leadership

Randi Hill

Randi Hill

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of My leadership

Individual Leadership Plan My Kenji

Particaptive Leader Values Athletic Director Need More Leaders Improve on Gifts Passion Goals Sports Religion Family Community Respect Hardwork Apprectiation of Sports What sports taught me Turns my Crank Love it Skills- a very good active listener, being assertive but not pushy, self monitoring skills, conflict management skills, not being self center on other peoples ideas, flexible, sociable, integrity, and patience Powers-legitimate, resource power, and expert power. Behaviors-delegation, obtaining information from followers, consulting with individuals, consulting with groups, asking others for opinions, and joint decision-makings. Anyone can fall into a manger position but it takes certain aspects in a person to be a good leader. leaders are not afraid to get help or of being wrong but they embrace it. leaders are your number one advocates leaders never put them above there group but rather see them as experts and use them to get work done efficiently Determination Hard Work Patience compassion competitiveness Already coached charge of an athletic department at a high school, college or university oversee funding and budgets for school athletic programs work with coaches to ensure school and division regulations are being followed and oversee the hiring and firing of trainers and coaches. organize publicity and game times for athletic teams Problems economy it’s hard to find any job especially the job you really want it’s not a job that has a lot of hiring going on enough money usually a guy To be a leader To make a difference Level 5 Become athletic director Happiness My best friend touches soul Michele Rydberg Made me grow Public Speaking Always giving my opinion school firing because of budgets Good at active listener flexible embraces change team player More directive Challenges Keep hold to values To be liked and effective To adapt to any and all situations Compromising Consistency accepting change Looking for help Trustworthy UST Basketball Tore ACL Moved out for the 1st time Shy failure Progress Indicator Happiness Friends went else where About me Born and raised CR, MN Twin 4 year, 3x, Varsity Athlete Family of 7
Two nephews competitive Hate to lose Determined Family oriented Time to Grow Up CHORUS- "I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold
I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good." Daddy's girl can't motivate people Want Leadership / Career to be like a jump shot honesty 360 -degree feedback
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