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Don Cherry

No description

devon mucciante

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Don Cherry

DON CHERRY Born February 5, 1934 in Kingston
Ontario, Donald Cherry is one of the
most well know Canadians of all time.
How He Got Where He Is Today Being a high school drop out, Cherry started playing for in the American hockey league in 1954, and played for was playing there for almost 20 years. He played for many different teams and had to travel many different places. Through all the years, Don only ever played one NHL game. He played a fill-in on the Boston Bruins in 1955 against Montreal during the play-offs. Don Cherry retired from hockey in 1970. But after working in construction and selling cars, he returned in 1971 with the Rochester Americans and soon after replaced the coach as he was fired mid-season. Cherry coached them for three years, until he was made head coach of the Boston Bruins in 1974. They were first in their division and Cherry was coach of the year in 1976. But was fired in 1979. In 1980, Hockey Night In Canada created a segment called Coach's Corner, for the former player and coach. The ratings had shot up as everyone loved to hear his views and game analysis. This was what mostly had made him so popular. His Charity Organization Don began raising money in 2003 for charity that went to the "Rose Cherry's Home for Kids". A hospice for terminally sick children. The centre was named after his wife, Rose, who died tragically of lung cancer in 1997. She was not only Don's love, but also helped him greatly as an agent, manager, secretary, and banker. The centre opened in September 2004 and serves hundreds of families. Don Cherry is now 76 years old, lives
Ontario, and still hosts Coach's Corner
with Ron Maclean.
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