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Diversity Consciousness

No description

Hind MA

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of Diversity Consciousness

Diversity Consciousness
How to develop diversity consciousness?
Issue a rule that discrimination is not tolerated in the organization.

Get ideas a feedback from current employees.

Celebrate the company’s existing diversity.
Barriers to Success
What is Diversity?
What is Diversity Consciousness?
Diversity consciousness can be defined as an attitude of accepting and joining diverse elements and people. This way of thinking can be held by an individual or by a group.
Importance of diversity consciousness
Mutual respect
Business reputation
Increase exposure
Job promotion

Is differences related to


Distracting and
branched effort:
If you do not specify the target
effort will become scattered.
Negative Emotions:
Justification of errors
Low psychology
Fear of failure:
Try to do things that you fear and see the results .
Change your point of view to find things around you and everything has changed.
weakness of
Pampering from parents unjustified .
Tendency of the ideal.
Sense of inferiority
1-Recognize that the barriers sometimes exist.

2- Develop and maintain pride in yourself.

3-Develop and maintain pride in your culture.

4- Fine-tune your anger.

5- Be patient and try to immediately
understand when people judge you because or your distinctive and different looks or behavior.

Cultural Prejudice
is one of the main
barriers for effective communication.

People from different cultures interpret things differently.
Many of us therefore
lack awareness
of these cultural differences.
You can’t say that your way is the right way.
The biggest barrier for effective communication is the

language barrier.

is a tendency to believe that one’s own culture and ethnicity is superior to others and therefore closing all channels of communication due to ego and pride
Keep your mind open to communication.
Address people, as they would like to be addressed.
It’s also important to keep in check of each other’s understanding.
Do some research.
Talk slowly and use any extra aid to help get across your thoughts clearly.
Be sensitive when you talk about ethnicity,
race or culture.
The beauty of diversity is hidden from view
because of our cultural lens, values and assumptions. (Bucher, Diversity
Consciousness 8:248).

Abeer Al-Humaid
LuLu Al-Gow
Rasha Al-khayat
Umme Haani
Hind Al-Amoudi

What is diversity and diversity Consciousness?
Importance of diversity consciousness
How to develop diversity consciousness?
Barriers to Success
Overcoming Diversity Barriers
Barriers to effective communication
Overcoming communicating barriers

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