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Welcome to Pre-Calculus Pre-AP

No description

Vimla Fay

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Pre-Calculus Pre-AP

Welcome to Pre-Calculus Pre-AP
Course Topics
1st Semester

Chapter 4: Trigonometry
Chapter 5: Analytic Trigonometry
Chapter 6: Additional Topics in Trigonometry

2nd Semester

Chapter 10: Topics in Analytic Geometry
Chapter 1: Functions and Their Graphs
Chapter 2: Polynomial Functions
Chapter 2: Rational Functions
Chapter 3: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Chapter 9: Sequences and Series
Chapter 12: Limits and an Introduction To Calculus
About four quizzes per 6 weeks
Quizzes should be made up in a timely manner.
with Mrs. Fay
To Contact Me:
PHONE: (281) 237-9052
Include your name and your child’s name.
EMAIL: VimlaRFay@katyisd.org
Email is the fastest way to reach me.
Each student had the option to check out a textbook
Check out CD from me and download it on your personal computer then return the CD the next day.
It is just like a regular textbook. You lose it, you pay full price for it
Will be on the Teacher Web
Online Textbook
On my website
Keys to Being Successful in Mathematics
Stay on top of your HW daily
Ask Questions
Take notes
Come to tutorials
Re-work quizzes
Keep up
Complete Make-up work.
Turn in Make-up work.
Studying is NECESSARY in this class
Work extra problems (odds)
Utilize the Teacher Web & Online Textbook
Grading Policy
We will have three types of grades:
Tests (60%)
Quizzes (30%)
Homework (10%)
Retest Policy
Homework Expectations
There will be about 30 minutes of homework assigned every night. Students are expected to check their homework answers with the solutions on the website.
Homework is due the next day and will be checked for completion
If students are absent, they are responsible for completing, grading and turning in missed assignments.
Homework is an IMPORTANT part in the success of your student in this class!
Please sign in and pick up the 3 handouts.
Attended Louisiana State University
B.S. Mathematics
Concentration: Secondary Education
8th year of teaching
I taught at SLHS my 1st 2 years then moved to NJ for 3 years and finally moved back 2 years ago returning to SLHS.
About Me...
My Educational
My educational philosophy is the students always come first and anything I do, I do it for the benefit of the students. They are our future and it is my job as a teacher to prepare them for that future. In doing so, I feel educating means working hard with intense dedication and high expectations to motivate and encourage my students in a manner in which they will want to learn. It also means embracing differences among the students and having them learn from each other.
The teacher becomes a guide and the classroom becomes a community where the students are able to discover their own learning through the help of their peers and the teacher. This type of discovery cooperative learning allows students to become team players and critical thinkers. I believe it is very important to relate the content being taught in the classroom to real-life situations. This way the students recognize the reason for learning the content. With all of this being done, a warm classroom is formed with students who are ready to succeed.
Two to three tests per 6 weeks
Day before test will be review
Tests are on odd numbered days
Makeup tests must be taken in a timely manner.
Cumulative Re-test are offered on the last Wednesday of each six weeks before and after school.
It is an honor and pleasure teaching all of your kids!

Thank you for coming.
Students will have an OPTIONAL Cumulative Test to replace ONE failed test grade with maximum grade of 70.
Any student who has failed a test during the six weeks and passes the cumulative test, a grade of 70 will replace the lowest failed test grade.
If the student does not pass the cumulative test, but the grade is higher than one failing test grade, the cumulative grade will replace that test grade.
The student will have two opportunities to take the optional test, one before school and one after school and will be given before the end of the six weeks.
The test will consist of any material covered during that six weeks.
It is encouraged for the student to attend a teacher-facilitated tutorial to review the concepts/objectives that the student did not master before taking a retest.
It is REQUIRED that the student complete test corrections on a sheet of paper and have it stapled to the original test. This will be used as a ticket to take the retest.
If a student has more than one zero in the daily category, the student must complete that work before taking the retest. The daily grade will stay as a zero, but only one zero is allowed per six weeks in order to take a retest.
Final exams are not allowed to be retested.

Remind 101
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