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Claire Coble

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Slavery

Slavery: History of the Slave Trade and its impact on the African continent. Definitions to Know Slavery is a cruel act that treated people in horrible ways for no reason. Slavery and slave trades left an impact on Africa. It has also affected it until this day. Slavery: 1. the keeping of slaves as a practice or institution
2. the condition of a slave; bondage
Slavery existed long before Europeans came to Africa.
Since there were no colonies formed, slaves were one for the few forms of wealth producing property a person could own.
Slaves were exported across the Sahara desert to North Africa and to western Asia, Arabia, and India. Background Information There were several reasons that slavery began to happen in Africa. These reasons are:
European nations that were expanding empires needed a work force
Africans were believed to be excellent workers who had experience with agriculture and keeping cattle, use to a tropical climate, resistant to tropical disease, and they could work hard on plantations and mines.
Europeans weren't fit to work in the atmosphere and could catch disease faster.
Slaves could be traded for goods. Start of Slavery The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was between Europe, America and Africa.
Goods from Europe, like cloth, tobacco, beads, metal goods,and guns, were sent to Africa for slaves.
Slaves, from Africa, were sent to the America's. (MIDDLE PASSAGE)
Slave-labor products, like cotton, sugar, molasses, and rum, were shipped from the America's to Europe.
Slaves were exported off the west coast of Africa.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Slave: a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant The Middle Passage The Middle Passage was the trip slaves took from Africa to America. On the way, slaves suffered disease, malnutrition, and harsh treatment. The slaves were packed in tightly with little room to sit. They were not cared about at all; this resulted in many dying within the first couple of weeks on board. 6 million slaves were transported in the trade; Britain was responsible for 2.5 million and Portugal was responsible for 4.5 million (40% of the total).
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