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What Ideas Gave Birth to the World's First Modern Democratic

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Kaitlynn Kupsky

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of What Ideas Gave Birth to the World's First Modern Democratic

The Ideas Gave Birth to the World's First Modern Democratic State
Basically, how our Government was made
First, it is important to know that our government did not just form itself. Those who founded our govennment have learned from other ancient and modern nations to ensure that we have a successful government. Let's take a look at how some old ideas have made our present government.
From French and English enlightenment thinkers, to early Greek government, to an English document, our current government has collected ideas that help create today's democratic state. Without these ideas, our country may not be as successful and efficient as it is today.
Greek Democracy
From Greece
Was a
Direct Democracy
where the citizens were highly involved in decision making
500 citizens were randomly selected then placed in a paid committee to table different ideas that the 9 elected presidents could discuss
Only male citizens over 18 could vote
English Enlightenment Thinker
Thomas Hobbes
England- The Magna Carta
This document was drafted in England
Was a written grant of authority that defined the rights and duties of nobles and set limits on the monarch's power
This document stated that...
Everybody had a right to justice
No taxes could be added without general consent
England- The Rule of Law
Was part of the Magna Carta that was drafted in England
States that all people, including lawmakers and rulers, were subject to the law (they had to follow their own rules)
According to the Rule of Law..
A person's fate should not be in the hands of only one person
Judgement should be made in accordance with the law
By: Kaitlynn Kupsky
The Greek Democracy was important because they involved the citizens in their decision making, one of the first governments to allow this.
How is the Greek Democracy present in our modern government?
We, the citizens, have a say in our government. At the apppriate age, we can vote for who we feel will best guide our country. We can also submit our ideas to lawmakers just as the 500 randomly selected Greek citizens were able to tell their lawmakers what their ideas were.
The Magna Carta was important because it limited the monarch's power. The single ruler could no longer give unjust punishments and be unfair to his people.
How is the Magna Carta present in our modern government?
Our president cannot make rule just by himself. He must bounce his ideas off of us citizens and especially the congress and senate. If our representatives do not feel that the president's idea is just, they have the power to prevent that idea from becoming a reality.
Wait, now how is this important?
The king or judge-like figure himself could not decide if a person should be considered innocent or guilty, they needed input from others. Rulings also had to follow the law. The king could not say a person was guilty just because he did not like the person.
How is the Rule of Law present in our modern government?
The judge has assistance and input from the jury when they are deciding if a person is guily or not. In much larger court systems, like the supreme court, multiple judges will examine a case. Today, these judges must also decide the suspect's fate in a lawful manner.
Believed that government was the result of a social contract between the people and their rulers
People must submit themselves to authority to prevent war
Hobbe's idea of the people listening to their government is very important because it helps the country go further. If the people listen to their ruler, civil wars are less likely to break out. The leader will also have a better attitude towards his people.
How is Thomas Hobbes' idea present in our modern government?
We all follow the rules. Think of how disruptive the classroonm would be if none of you followed the rules. You would not get along with a lot of your classmates, you may find a piece of gum on your chair, and your teacher may not be very happy. If any of us did not follow the laws, there may be worse punishments and we may not have some of the luxuries that we currently have.
French Enlightenment Thinker
Baron de Monesquieu
Believed that government should be organized to prevent any one person/group from dominating all others.
Proposed a three branch system where the branches would work together, and that each branch should hold restraints on the other braches hold greater power than the others
Much like the Magna Carta, Montesquieu's ideas were important because no single person or group would hold all the power and become too powerful. This idea has become known as a separation of power.
You guessed it....
Random Mango!!!
Actually, ....
How is Monteaquieu's idea present in out modern government?
Our government has three branches: judicial, executive, and legislative. Each branch works together to create and enforce laws. This also prevents one area of the government from becoming too powerful.
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