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Book Presentation--Ender's Game

No description

Max Y.

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Book Presentation--Ender's Game

Here's the movie trailer
Book Presentation--Ender's Game
Max Y.
Candice Z.

: Ender’s Game
: Orson Scott Card
: military science fiction
: This is an

imaginary story that sets in Earth's
. The novel presents an imperiled mankind after two conflicts with the "formics", an insectoid alien species. In preparation for an third invasion, a branch of children who are chosen were trained at a very young age through increasingly difficult games. The war with the “formics” has been raging for a hundred years, and the quest for the perfect general has been underway almost as long. The six-year-old boy,
Ender Wiggin
, is one of the students in military command school. Ender's two older siblings are
Peter and Valentine.
(Peter is the symbol of ruthlessness but Valentine is the symbol of compassionate.)
The rest of book shows about how Ender becomes an extremely excellent soldier and how the war between
human and “formics”
starts in an unexpected way…
: Ender’s
is an affecting novel that is full of adventure. It begins with a
. The most interesting part is children are learning how to move in zero gravity or how to offense and defense even though losing direction. I really admire Ender’s excellent intelligence, ability and courage. However, the book also reflects human’s greed and Ender’s regret to the “formics”. The amazing book encourages me to think about the
human behavior
The role of children: they are capable not only of killing, manipulating, and hating—the worst features of adults—but also of creating and helping





point of view: 3rd person omniscient
: Each chapter starts with a conversation between two adults, usually members of the I.F. high command, and their discussion foreshadows the events of the chapter.
The Battle School promotes Ender to be the commander of
Army and gives him a lot of unskilled soldiers. Dragon Army becomes an extremely excellent army under the leading of Ender.
He transfers to the
Command School
six years ahead of schedule. Mazer Rackham, the hero of the second formics invasion, becomes the teacher of Ender.
The "trainings" and "final exam" are all supposed to be the
real battles
between human and formics. Ender did
know that. Ender
, at great loss of life, as he still thinks they are just simulated battles, and that he completely destroyed the formics.
When Ender knows the truth that he is a mass murderer who destroys the whole race, he falls in
psychotic breakdowns
Ender got the story of formics and tried to find another home for
and reproduction of the queen.
Humanity, having begun to explore the Universe and master interplanetary spaceflight, has encountered an alien race known as the "
". The human established a organization called "IF"(International Fleet) to against them, the IF created
the Battle School
, a program designed to subject children.
Ender Wiggin
is one of the school's trainees,the IF wants Ender to be the commander of this battle,they think he is the only hope that can safe the human.
Ender joined an army called “
”,the captain of this army is Bonzo Madrid,he is a mean guy. He doesn't let Ender participle in training or fighting with the other army.In a fight, Ender disobeyed Bonzo Madrid’s command and helped the army won the fight.
Ender was traded into
army. He met Dink Meeker,one of the student in the battle school,and they became good friends.And then Ender moved to the
. He learned lots of skills and became a greatest student in the battle school.
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