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Nature vs. Nurture: Lord of the Flies

No description

Aisha Rees

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Nature vs. Nurture: Lord of the Flies

Argumentative Paper Topic (prompt)
Write this down at the top of your outline sheet
Serial Killers
Quickwrite: Assessing what you just watched with what you already know, do you think genes (like your brain) or your environment (like how you were raised) is the leading cause of someone becoming a killer?
Rhetorical Devices: a writing technique that an author uses to convey a meaning with the goal of persuading the reader
Rhetorical Devices: a writing technique that an author uses to convey a meaning with the goal of persuading the reader
Parallelism, Repetition, and Rhetorical Question
Categorizing Quotes
Lord of the Flies:
Nature and Nurture
Before you take a side and create a claim, you need to collect evidence for both sides of the argument (remember you will be creating a counterargument later).
Lord of the Flies: chapter 1
Categorizing Quotes
Lord of the Flies: Chapter 2
Whole Group Collaboration: As a class, we will work to categorize the three quotes in chapter 2.
Categorizing Quotes
Each of the following quotes supports either Nature (brain development, thoughts, etc.) OR Nurture (learning how to do something)
Collaborative work:
As a group, you will use the chart paper to create a T-chart, and place each piece of evidence from Lord of the Flies in either the Nature column or Nurture column, depending on which argument the quote supports.

Let me SHOW you.
Nature vs. Nurture: Lord of the Flies
Argumentative Paper
Think-Pair-Share: Based on the video, what is the meaning of euphemism? Write down a working definition.
Parallelism, Repetition, and Rhetorical Question
Look at the word "parallelism," what math term is the root of this word? How does that help you understand the definition?
Define repetition according to the video. How does repetition emphasize a point?
What is a rhetorical question? What tone is typically associated with rhetorical questions?
The boys in
Lord of the Flies
become savage and immoral by the end of the book.
Should the cause of their behavior be blamed on the situation/environment (being stranded on the island) OR on biological factors (brain/emotional development)?
Take out the Lord of the Flies Evidence sheet (it has quotes on it.)
Here's how to break down the quote and associate it to a specific side of the Nature vs. Nurture argument.
Work Period
Group Work:
Finish categorizing the quotes with your group. The chapters will be chunked to the different groups.
Group 1: Chapter 3 & 4
Group 2: Chapter 5 & 6
Group 3: Chapter 7 & 8 (only up to letter C)
Group 4: Chapter 8 (D/E), Chapter 9, & Chapter 10
Group 5: Chapter 11 & 12
Teacher Led-> Group 1
Last 20 minutes of class
Creating a claim (thesis) for argumentative papers
Thesis Template
We have a lot of new students, as well as a lot of short memories. We are going to watch this brief recap of the entire novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
Please take notes in your journal whenever you come across anything you do not remember from the story.
Home Learning
Those of you who finish early...
Start filling out your essay outline by writing a rough draft THESIS.
This thesis should take a stand and make a CLAIM by answering the prompt.
Finish writing your outline for your argumentative paper.
Do not worry about finding an informational text, we will be looking at several next class!
Categorizing Quotes from
Lord of the Flies
Sharing out:
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