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Corona chocolate revival campaign

No description

Omnia Abdelaziz

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Corona chocolate revival campaign

The history of corona chocolate in Egypt:
corona was a market leader for chocolate industries till the late 90's The company established for chocolate in 1919 by "Tommy khristo" to be the first company for the production of chocolate in Egyptian markets.
Then it was privatized in 2000, bought by Sonid Group "Eng. Sami Saad" , one of the leading private holdings that has diversity within the Egyptian Market & Beyond.
Now, Company is known with its nostalgic portfolio within many snacking
categories with famous brand names like: Chocolate Rocket,
Bimbo, Cocoa, Wafers, and Biscuits.
Till a very near time it was Egypt's first chocolate till other brands entered the marked greatly such as Cadbury and galaxy also the imported goods played a huge role in this declining stage.
The 4 p's from an IMC perspective
Its price is vary for each type of chocolate as for a range of 1.50 LE
Corona chocolate sold in hyper markets which was a major reason why people cannot find it easily
Corona chocolate present 4 types of chocolate (hazelnuts – butter milk – lite – dark)
1-they are playing on the nostalgic part inside us
2- There is no sufficient IMC mix
3- No promotion effort exerted
4- The existing tools aren't used properly

Because of this useless promotion we decided first to make a proper situation analysis from the data we saw so we made a SWOT analysis (most of the information are taken from the online data available as we relied mainly on the secondary resources ) :
Names and codes:
Kholoud emam 11060310
Omnia Mohamed 11060149
Nourhan adnan 11061085
Nourhan abd elhameed 11060917
Radwa Mohsen 11060379
Marwa Mahmoud 11060738
Ola Ibrahim el hadad 11061118
Amira osama abd el a'al 11060150
Shahinda Mohamed 11060519

- strengths:
a- corona is 100% Egyptian
b- corona has strong emotional bond with the older Egyptians
c- it has an ISO certificate for its quality procedures
d- corona has a sugar free product (corona lite) and a milk free product (corona dark )
2- weaknesses :
a- corona has low availability IN THE market which indicates the weak distribution channels
b- corona chocolate is not as known and perceived for the younger generation as it is in the older ones
c- it has low market share
d- it has no existing advertisements or promotion

3- opportunities:
a-There is no chocolate targeting the older generation as corona does
b-there is no other chocolate promoting a healthy life style by making dark or sugar free chocolate

4- threats:
a-the presence of an intense competition in the local market as well as the international brands in the Egyptian market
b- raw ingredient prices has increased
c- the price of the advertising increased greatly
d- most of the consumer perceive those chocolate as a low quality one

Product analysis

Product background :
they have recently 4 different types of chocolate : hazelnuts, dark, lite, buttermilk
The packaging:
Many of the consumers saw that the package of the brand was the problem so the company changed its package to color full one but still not completely convenient

Target market and audience
1- Segmentation:

A-Social class
b- Demographics: age
a- social class:
- Upper middle
- Lower middle
B – The demographics: the age:
- Middle 20 and above

Why we selected those specific segmentations?
1-most of the chocolates are targeting youth especially females from 16 to 20 so we tried to focus on a new segment
2- The older generation already has a bond with the brand emotionally
3- the youth are the one we should focus on as they guarantee the brand continuity in the future
4- Also we selected the middle class as its price is low and being locally made will reflect its quality

Our objectives

We have 3 main objectives
-Create awareness among about 50 percent of the youth towards this brand by using different types of ads as well as creating interest among them
-Also, creating desire among 40 percent of the older generations in one year using sampling
-Create action in 20 percent of the older generations and 5 percent of the youth by using point of purchase sales promotion
2- Media objectives:
-We will try to use the radio and the printed ads to remind the old audience with the brand and as for the youth we will try to use the inter active and social media to reach them.
- Also we will play on the sales promotion to ensure the availability if the brand and to create purchasing among the targets, along with a good campaign of public relations to enhance the image of the chocolate and to remind the old buyers with its value
3- Marketing objectives:
-increase the sales in one year by 15 %
- increase the market share within 1 year by 2 %
- make sure from the product availability by 5o % within 1 year

-After setting the objectives we will make an evaluation to see how we progressed, and this evaluation will be done by comparing actual sales of corona brand pre and post revival campaign
- And as for the brand image we will try to measure it by the market research through the Facebook or social media or face to face surveys


Item cost

Radio ads
Sponsored radio show 1.5 million
Printed newspaper ads

Inter active media 20.000

Sales , sampling and PR 1 million

Total 2.520 million LE

Corona chocolate
revival campaign
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