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Coahuiltecan Tribe

No description

Kelly Choi

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Coahuiltecan Tribe

Coahuiltecan Tribe by Kelly and Jillian
Welcome to our Prezi! You will learn very interesting facts about the amazing Coahuiltecan Tribe. Learning about the Coahuiltecan Tribe will be more fun than you will ever have learning about Native Americans!
The Houses They Lived In
Coahuiltecan Tribe War
The Coahuiltecan Tribe didn't have a major government system or social structure. The elders were the most respected people in the tribe. Even though they didn't have mush of a government system, there were still people in the tribe that had the power and lead people. These were always men and they had to power because it was handed down to them through their family members that had the power before them.
Government in the
Coahuiltecan Tribe
Were the Coahuiltecan Indians hunters and gathers or where they farmers?
The Coahuiltecan Indians were hunters and gathers. They hunted bison, peccary, armadillo,rabbits, rats, and various small birds. The tribes that lied near the water also gathered shellfish and they caught various types of fish such as tuna. Gathers from the tribe would gather mesquite beans, prickly pear fruit from cacti, pecan acorns, and different types of roots.
Coahuiltecan Tribe Arts
The Coahuiltecan tribe often put tattoos on their faces, arms, legs, and on their torso. They numbed the person's skin, made shallow incisions in the person's skin using a sharp object like an animals tooth, then rubbed charcoal into the cuts to make the tattoos black. Boys were often given tattoos to mark their transition from boy to man. They also made ornaments to put on necklaces. These were usually made out of rock or snake vertebrae. They put the necklaces on graves when someone, most often the men, died.
The Coahuiltecan Tribe
Tattoos they put on their bodies
Some of the ornaments they carve.
Where They Lived
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