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Poster Design Conventions

POSTER DESIGN CONVENTIONS, with artist models Jan Tschichold and David Carson.

Neli Seumanutafa

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Poster Design Conventions

DESIGN CONVENTIONS The following posters are also similar in style to Tschichold BALANCE My own basic Poster design This is my Poster design that also follows the style of the artist model: JAN TSCHICHOLD FRAGMENTATION TEXTURE: OVERLAPPING CROPPING:. My David Carson style poster. notice the geometric shapes negative space flat colours and shapes uses angles and diagonals clarity simplicity symmetrical San serif type
BOLD TYPE GOOD use of margins Notice that I used a limited colour scheme (browns, oranges),
this is to create a feeling of unity. Jan Tschichold Jan Tschichold was an important 20th-century German graphic designer COLLAGE: pieces of paper pasted on top. Notice that the text is too close to the edge of the page. FAIL. we need to have a margin here look at the text getting lost as it overlaps the dark clothing. FAIL. our artist models FAIL
FAIL with artist models: Jan Tschichold and David Carson ARTIST MODEL 2:
DAVID CARSON artist model 1: some of his design work: the end thanks for watching Neli Seumanutafa
Mr Tafa 2013 (empty space) hi heaps of mark making techniques OMG!!, WHAT DAH?
HOLY SMACK, HUH? also, look at the white text getting lost as it overlaps the light coloured clothing. FAIL You can find the full presentation at 'prezi.com'
just look for me Neli Seumanutafa same as at
Pinterest.com and Youtube and here http://pinterest.com/nelikratos/boards/ www.youtube.com/user/cooperkratos/videos now what about the: Look at the strecthed type here (out of proportion). Fail. pixilated image used usually san serif type like the
posters first lets look at now lets look at An important 20th-century German graphic designer born 1902 died 1974 too fuzzy, low res, unclear by me: big thanks to posters American graphic designer / surfer
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