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Sarah's Key

No description

Leah Rasmussen

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key By: Tatiana De Rosnay Reviews:
"A shocking, profoundly moving, and morally challenging story..." - Augusten Burroughs, Bestselling Author
"Rich in mystery, intrigue, and suspence, Sarah's Key made me wonder and weep" - The Roanoke Times
"Masterly and compelling, it is not something that readers will quickly forget. Highly recommended" - Library Journal
"It will make you cry-and remember" - Jenna Blum, Bestselling Author Summary:
On July 16 of 1942, thousands of Jewish families were taken from their homes throughout France. They were put in the Velodrome d'Hiver for weeks in cruel, unsanitary conditions. They were then taken to internment camps across France. The parents were separated from their children, then were shipped to Auchwitz and cremated. Later, the children had the same fate. This event was told in the eyes of Sarah Starzynski. She believed that she was coming back to her home later, so she locked her little brother Michel in a secret cupboard before leaving. She managed to escape the internment camp with another girl named Rachel and sought refuge with an elderly couple in the country. When Rachel was discovered and taken away, Sarah realizes that she must find out what happened to her brother. She manages to get back to her apartment only to find that another family is living there. She pushes them away, opens the cupboard, and finds her brother dead.
The new family living in the apartment was the family of the husband of Julia Jarmond, an American journalist living in Paris, France. She was assigned to an article for the anniversary of the Vel d'Hiv, but what she uncovered was much more personal than she expected. The apartment she will move into was the old apartment of Sarah and her family. She wants to reconcile with Sarah, but first she needs to find her. Over the course of her research, she realizes her pregnancy, but her husband is extremely unhappy about it. She was scheduled for an abortion, but ends up leaving. Her husband found out about what she had done and he divorces her. For an escape, and a way to find Sarah, she travels to New York with her daughter Zoe. Instead, she finds Sarah's husbands new wife. Sarah committed suicide thirty years ago. Desperate, she travels to Italy for closure with her son, William Rainsford. At first, he wanted nothing to do with his mother's past, then tracks Julia down. After her divorce she had moved to New York with her two daughters, Zoe and Sarah Jarmond. Julia and William find closure of Sarah Starzynski, but the book hints a romantic relationship forming between the two. Julia Jarmond is a hardworking woman who just wants what's best for her family. She is determined to get the truth no matter how hard it is, but she is also understanding and kind. Sarah Starzynski is a little girl who loves her little brother, and wanted to protect him. She used to be sheltered and oblivious to the horror around her, but had to grow up very quickly when she was taken. She stayed strong for her brother, then gave up when he was gone. William Rainsford is the son of Sarah Starzynski. He did not know of her past, and did not want to. Once he found out, he needed comfort in the form of Julia Jarmond. He became a troubled man, but stabilized with the help of Julia. Sarah's Key is an eye opener. It shows how lucky we are, and how little we know of suffering throughout the world. It is a touching story and I enjoyed it, but do not pick it up if you are in the mood for a light comedy.
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