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Really Simple, Inc.

No description

daniel francisco

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Really Simple, Inc.

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RSP is a web and application company that allows influencers, bloggers, designers, stylists and foundations the ability to make money by providing the best quality online shopping experience to
their supporters and followers.

Our universal shopping cart gives you
access to promote & sell over 100,000
global brands.

Engage with your followers and
help them get the look with a single
operation sales oriented social network.

Create Boards
Creating and customizing your own boards will allow you to express your style and promote the latest fashion trends.
Share and propagate boards with your network - It's just like sharing a picture on Instagram or "Pinning" a post on Pinterest, however, Really Simple will go beyond just being a personalized-media-platform, but will allow users for the first time to discover, share, purchase and sell products all from one network with one click.

Really Simple, Inc.
Sales Model

Sign Up

Build, decorate and curate your own lifestyle boards and share them with the world.

Make your boards more interactive by mixing
content: Fashion, cosmetics, fragrances,
jewelery & home accessories will be both
engaging and inspirational.

Aggregated products and inventory
checking capability.

Post your boards to your website, blog,
Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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