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Impacts of exhaust emissions on our climate

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Ellie Haar

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Impacts of exhaust emissions on our climate

Exhaust Emissions
Exhaust emissions are the gasses that are released into the atmosphere.
When your car is in park or when the engine remains on, exhaust is being emitted (Natural Resources Canada, 2013)
Climate Change
How exhaust emissions from vehicles impact climate change
-CO2 is a natural gas (carbon dioxide).
-it stays in the atmosphere because it's trapped.
-the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere rises from exhaust emissions from vehicles.
-raised levels of carbon dioxide can cause a rise in temperature. (Natural Resources Canada, 2013)
Health effects
Alongside exhaust emissions affecting our climate, exhaust emissions also cause health issues
In particular, diesel exhaust causes cough and eye irritation and difficulty breathing.
If exposed for a long time, it can possibly cause lung or bladder cancer. (Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, 2014)
-Climate is the temperature in the Earths atmosphere.
-Climate change is the difference of temperature over a period of time in the earths global climate.(Suzuki, 2014)
Owners and drivers of vehicles control their vehicles exhaust emissions.
Exhaust emissions impact those who control it.
People all over the world contribute to global warming everyday resulting in the Carbon Dioxide getting trapped in our atmosphere.
Impacts and Regulations
How climate change affects nature.
Climate change is affecting nature because as climate change progresses, each year it will gradually get warmer than the next. Lakes and rivers that would typically freeze during the winter, freeze later on in the season due to climate staying warmer for longer and not getting colder in the times of the year that it used to. (Government of Canada, 2013)
In Canada, lots of places that are rural, urban and suburban are affected by climate change, from exhaust emissions from vehicles.
More populated cities are impacted the most from exhaust emissions, because any place where there are more people, there are more vehicles that will emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.
The harmful gases emitted such as carbon dioxide, etc. add to global warming which is what’s affecting the climate change all over the world.
Suburban areas aren’t affected as negatively as urban areas because there are less vehicles emitting exhaust into our atmosphere.
General Locations in Canada affected the most
Climate Changes relations to Global Warming
-Climate change relates to global warming because climate change is a side affect from global warming.

-Global warming has been increasing warmth in temperature in the earths atmosphere for the past one or two centuries (Selin, 2014)

-Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels being emitted into the atmosphere.

This is essentially how exhaust emissions from vehicles are impacting climate change.
Fossil Fuels that
impact Global Warming
Any fossil fuel burning machine such as cars, buses, airplanes, other forms of aircraft, etc. Travelling by air has greater impact of climate change for our earths atmosphere. (Suzuki, 2014)
-Ellie Haar
-Ellie Haar
-Ellie Haar
-Ellie Haar
-Evelyn Porporo
-Evelyn Porporo
-Evelyn Porporo
-Evelyn Porporo
-Evelyn Porporo
What impact do exhaust emissions from vehicles have on our climate?
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