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Connectors: Reason, Purpose, Result and Condition

Trabalho sobre conectores - LPT English (3º semestre)

Luana Moro

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Connectors: Reason, Purpose, Result and Condition

Finally! Reason Reason, Purpose, Result and Condition Purpose Keyword: EFFECT Condition Keyword: DIRECTION Result Keyword: CONCLUSION Let's have some fun! Exercise 2 Connectors: SO (that)
TO (in order to) Keyword: INTENTION Connectors: BECAUSE
THAT'S WHY Connectors: IF
PROVIDED THAT I went to Brad's house BECAUSE I like him. I went there BECAUSE OF the tasty dinner. SINCE you’ve studied so well, you can go outside and play. The driver was late DUE TO traffic. I went to the party SO I can dance. I go TO the movies early to get better seats. Exercise 1 A: Rewrite the paragraph that you have written before using connectors and classify them. B: Translate your paragraph and check if you could translate the connectors. Time: 5 minutes Let's have some fun! Exercise 3 It's time to think about the connections of your life.

How do you use these connections to reach your goals?

Are you connected? Time: 8 minutes Time:
7 minutes Time: 3 minutes The thing about this team is that it's new, THEREFORE disconcerting. The players were my heroes, AND THEREFORE, my dad was my hero because he was the coach I will go if you go. You can go to the party as long as you come back before midnight. You can go to the party, providing / provided you come back before midnight. Unless he gets hurried, he will miss the bus. He should get hurried; otherwise, he will miss the bus.
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