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Compare and Contrast

Signal Words and Thinking Maps

Brittany Forbes

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast is a text structure or thought process that shows how two things are alike or different. How can I analyze compare and contrast relationships? Start When authors use compare and contrast, they may include "hints" or "signals" to the reader. We'll call these "signal words." What are the signal words for compare and contrast? When analyzing compare and contrast relationships, you will use a double-bubble map. Compare and Contrast Understanding Signal
Words and the Compare-
Contrast Map How can I recognize compare and contrast relationships? The signal words are: What is compare and contrast? Comparison Signal Words: -Both -Much as
-As well as -Similarly
-Also -Similar
-Too -Similar to
-Alike -Neither
-Same -Just as
-Like - In Common Can you think of any more? Use one of these words in a sentence! Contrast Signal Words: -However -While
-Different than -Less than/More than
-But -Yet
-Although -Though
-On the other hand -Unlike Can you think of any other contrast words? Use one of these contrast signal words in a sentence! Edward Gorey
"Dracula" Francisco Goya
"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters" Now, let's create a practice compare and contrast map for these two pieces of art. What similarities and differences do you notice?
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