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Turning Technology Loose with Students

Ideas for Student Projects that Embrace the Technology Students Love!

Beth Goff

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Turning Technology Loose with Students

Ideas for Turning Students Loose to Create Projects that Embrace the Technology Students Love!
Putting it All Together with Student Projects
Still Pictures Worth More than a 1000 words
Take it to
Take, Make or Find Still Images...
and then...
or create on your own still life as a comic strip
and Make them MOVE!
Tell a digital story
Add music and share with
Use Movie Maker, PhotoStory3, iMovie on a student computer to create a more traditional photo movie
Audio Editing
Can You Hear Me Now?
Early Childhood or Elementary Videos with
Lights! Camera! Action!
Narrated Books with
Avatars and Animated Characters with
Makes it worth doing for students!
Presentations & Products
Sharing Work
Linear presentations with
Non-linear presentations with
All in a box with...
Make a picture from words with...
to make motivational posters, trading cards, magazine covers and so many more products
and helps us meet CCSS for English Language Arts
Add captions or speech bubbles to it with
Apps for Storytelling
Hardbound Books with
Ways to Share
CCSS Standards demand that students
read various texts and consume digital media for understanding
create logical presentations
publish work and edit based on feedback and new learning
21st century skills to be career and college ready include
processing media, thinking critically and collaborating
as well as communicating and creating
Post to Classroom Website
Post in Your Learning Management System
Gallery Walks
(Traditional or Digital)
On a Blog or Wiki
School News Show or Publications
Beth Goff, Instructional Technology Specialist, Clover SC
Todd Goff, Assistant Principal, Belmont Central ES

Comic Maker HD
Story Kit
Picture Book
Story Creator
Book Creator
Garage Band for Mac
on PC
Dropbox with Presentation and Notes with Links
Telligami app
iBooks Author for Mac
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