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Into the Wild Travelogue

No description

kyley rutherford

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of Into the Wild Travelogue

I come from a hectic family. A family tree full of addiction, death, and turmoil. There has been much pain and destruction, but through it all we have stuck together. We can come together as a family and laugh, have fun, and grow stronger in our relationship. Although I come from what some might call an awful background, I would not change anything that has happened to me. It has made me become a stronger person and has helped shape my life today. Instead of sulking in the pain of it all, I remember the happy times and only wish I would have cherished them more.

1) “You can’t choose where you come from, but you can choose where you go from there.”
2) Don’t just put everybody's life ahead of yours, you have to think about yourself
3) Look forward to the future and don’t sulk in the past
4) Remember that we are all infinite
5) Make your life your life
6) Live simply
7) Take notice in the little things
8) Never give up
9) Life is a story
10) “Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.”
11) Be thankful
12) Don’t think too much. You don’t need all the answers

A good life is hard to picture. In order to have a good life you need to block out all the bad and negative things. Stay on your own path and don’t worry about others who are not worried about you. Do you, own every perfect imperfection of yourself. If you can’t make peace with yourself don’t expect to find it in anyone else. Always take notice of the little things. It might not be the most impactful but in that moment it could mean everything. Listen to others but always remember your importance and your happiness.
Personal Manifesto
Postcard from You to Chris & Reflection
Dear Chris,
I’m guessing that when you get a postcard from people you know what it's going to say, that you don't have to live like this and that you can be helped, and that maybe society isn't all that bad. I know it's not what you want to hear and at this point there's not much to say. I only hope this trip was everything you wanted it to be. I hope you got what you wanted. It was great that you did this for yourself, but it was selfish and you only made selfish decisions. Since this might be the last time you read a postcard, I hope you know that you were and still are deeply loved. You will always be remembered and the world may become a better place because of the joy and insight you brought forth. The world is empty without your presence, but I wish I had as much courage as you, to live more for myself. Goodbye Chris, if you're happy with the life you chose than I am happy.
Most Influential Person
I honestly do not have a specific person that has influenced me. Specific friends or family have been really important in my life. My life is full of ups and downs and struggles and having someone to talk to or someone that relates, really helps me process and get through the tough times. Sometimes I am lost, and don't have the insight I need within myself to pull myself out of the dark hole I may be in. These people, maybe without knowing it, have always helped and been there for me which I appreciate more than anything. However, the things in my past that may be still beating me up have always haunted me and coming to a new, HUGE school has helped that tremendously. People don’t know you and can’t judge you or make you feel stupid. You soon open up to the few people you get close to. As much as these people might have influenced me I’ve been shown that true happiness and self worth comes from within, and comes from God. Overall friends and family have mostly influenced me and I am forever grateful.

"What have you learned about yourself by reading Into the Wild?"
High school is a time to branch out and learn things about yourself you may have never known. I never would've imagined that I would learn many new world and life concepts in English 9 with Mr. Kuhlmann. I learned to look at the world differently and to not focus too much on myself. I am not the only person that matters. Also, everyone has different views and beliefs that deserve to be respected. Chris didn't want to know what time or day it was. I check my phone for the time and texts more than 5 times an hour. Overall, I learned different ways to look at life and the changing world around me.
1) Your Need for Nature Chart & Paragraph
2) Most Influential Person
3) Family Members & Frustrations
4) How Chris Reminds You of Yourself
5) "Is Chris a Visionary or a Fool?"
6) "Was Chris's Desire to Leave his Family Avoidable?"
7) Postcard from you to Chris and reflection
8) What have you learned about yourself after reading Into the Wild
9) Personal Manifesto
Into the Wild Travelogue
"Was Chris's Desire to Leave his Family Avoidable?"
Chris had many reasons for leaving his family. They didn't understand him and his beliefs and they never tried to understand. Walt had a secret family for years and never told Chris about it, which deeply hurt him. His parents were consumed in their work and in making money, it seemed as if Chris was forgotten. I think it was an overall build up of time that left him with the urge to leave. In his mind he knew how he wanted to live and that he would see it through. No one stopped him from going on his Alaskan Odyssey and I don't think anything would've changed Chris's mind about leaving his family.
"Is Chris a Visionary or a Fool?"
Chris is both a visionary and a fool because of many factors. On his journey, he makes a lot of selfish and foolish decisions. He is arrogant, doesn't listen, and lacks empathy. All these factors, in the end, got him killed. He was visionary for his perseverance and a little bit of his selfishness. He knew what he wanted to accomplish with his life and he essentially did. He was happy with the life he had chosen to live. Many people would never have that type of confidence and perseverance to live for themselves the way Chris McCandless did.
How Chris Reminds You of Yourself
I think Chris and I are alike because I often see myself as independent and sometimes arrogant. I sometimes push people away because I am too involved with myself. I have to take a step back and see that I'm not the only one that exists. I don't think we are alike in any other ways. I have been told that I am very street smart and that I am mature. I see a lot of foolishness in his actions and don't think I would ever do what he did. I do, however, respect his confidence and his perseverance. He knew what he wanted to do and he did it. While people gave him good advice, he stuck to what he wanted and somewhat accomplished it. If he would've been more prepared I think it would've been more enjoyable and a better experience for him.
Family Members and Frustrations
My family likes to laugh about my flaws. I know they're joking because that's how my family is, but it's frustrating because they know it's embarrassing and that I don't want it brought up. It's also frustrating when they don't get my point of view or where I'm coming from. I'm very sarcastic and sometimes they take me seriously. It's hard to not be sarcastic because it's funny, but I don't want them to be hurt or mad at me. My family overall sticks together and loves to joke with each other. We get on each others nerves, and when we do it's usually on purpose.
Your Need for Nature Chart & Paragraph
As much as I dislike being in nature, it is such a beautiful creation that many take for granted. I hate bugs, mud, dirt, bees, and grass. But when I need to be alone to just think, there is no place I would rather be than nature. Whether it's laying or walking outside or having dinner together on a nice summer day, nature is what keeps some people sane. Nature is where we originated and we have built a "safety bubble" around us that we enclose ourselves in. Nature is needed, people need to open the door to realize that.
1) Playing basketball
2) Laying outside
3) Dinner outside
4) Walk around

1) Physical activity
2) Alone time and solitude
3) 1/3 meals and enjoying cool weather and natural air
4)Exercise and something to fill your mind or time to help think
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